Healthcare has become a very complex business than before and it is evolving quickly. Experienced and highly skilled hospital administrators are vital for healthcare in order to make sure that all facilities regarding medical are running efficiently and effectively and patients are getting quality care. A facility has one or more hospital administrators depending on the size of facility. Becoming a hospital administrator is a rewarding approach to help other people.

Job description

Hospital administrator in healthcare is responsible to give the entire coordination and leadership in activities of all aspects of hospital as well as nursing home. He helps in developing different phases of administration of a hospital. He acts as a leadership for all personnel of hospital, medical staff, nursing home and board of trustees by continuing knowledge for making good changes in healthcare industry. Hospital administrator is a person who is responsible to promote the financial management of nursing home and hospital in order to make budgetary process which is implemented by the department managers and checked on monthly basis to evaluate the financial viability of hospital.

Job duties

Hospital administrator is responsible for following duties in hospital:

  • Works with board of trustees to increase its effectiveness which can fulfill the needs of hospital.
  • Suggests policy positions which are related with the government, legislation and other public policy matters.
  • Gives accurate and comprehensive information to board of trustee so that they can use them in making decision and other policy matters.
  • Attends meeting of its committees and also board of trustees when required.
  • Provides periodic reports for financial services and activities of hospital and gives these special kinds of reports by the board.


Hospital administrator must have following skills:

  • Ability to perform hospital work for several hours
  • Ability to organize and handle staff
  • Should have basic knowledge about medication
  • Organizational skills
  • Must have detailed knowledge of hospital administrator job
  • Dedication skills

Work environment

The work environment of a hospital administrator is indoors inside an office, clinic, hospital, and training hospitals or private practices. He does not need to go out of room for performing any function related to work. Although for meeting with the board of trustees, he needs to go in meeting room. To work, he uses cell phones, telephones, cheques, computer, invoices, intercom systems, receipt books and personal files.


  • Most healthcare workers at administration level require degree of master, additionally some years of experience in this field.
  • You must have knowledge of public health, health services administration and long term care administration.
  • MBA degree with specialization in the field of healthcare management is required to compete a administration position.

Tips for the job 

In hospital administration interview, the interviewer may ask about behavioral and also technical questions. Below are some common questions that you should know before interview:

  • How do you perform your responsibilities in hospital as a member of administration team?
  • How you will organize your work in administrator job role?
  • Do you have capability to deal with the competing priorities?
  • How would you manage difficult internal and external?

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