There are different types of sports at the high school, and hence it is very important that we should have a very effective high school athletic director at every school. They look after all the matters regarding the sports like hiring the coach, budget, promotion and all that. It is really very important to have an athletic director at every school.

Job description

The work done by the athletic director varies a lot. They have to perform all the works related with sports starting from hiring coach, selecting captain, types of game to be practiced in school, determining and preparing the budget. He is considered to be the leader of all the games. It is his responsibility to check whether the students are performing well in sports or not.

Job duties

Before proceeding further it is very important to discuss in detail about the job duties of the athletic director in detail. Here are some basic duties of them.

  • They should provide proper guidance and give right direction to the sport’s program of the school.
  • It is their duty to prepare a budget from which they will have to distribute the spending like the remuneration of the coach, money to be spent on the sports items and all that.
  • They prepare a schedule about the game and the practice time.
  • They should co-ordinate all the athletic events.
  • They have to work with the coaches.
  • Sometimes they also have to work as the travel coordinators and have to plan the trip.
  • They should always be present to mitigate the disputes between the coach and the players.


A successful high school athletic director must have the following basic skills.

  • Should have a complete passion for sports.
  • Should understand the mentality of the young athletes.
  • Should be very organized.
  • They should be very enthusiastic.
  • They should have the leadership quality.
  • A very good communication skill is very important.

Work environment

The athletic director should be able to work under the stress. They have to deal with different type of people so they should have a proper office. There should be a friendly atmosphere.


  • They should have a valid and certified teacher’s certificate.
  • Minimum 5 years of teaching experience is required.
  • 5 years of coaching experience is must.
  • A bachelor’s degree is must.
  • Should have knowledge about accounts.

Tips for jobs

To be a successful high school athletic director you can follow the following tips.

  • Be very punctual and always reach to the workplace in proper time.
  • Be very hardworking and professional.
  • Be strict to the students and players.
  • Be very energetic.
  • Never fear to perform any job.
  • Try to input confidence to the students for their benefits.
  • Try to communicate with the students whenever required.

If you have read this article carefully, and have a dream of becoming an athletic director, then you will surely be helped.

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