Also known as technical support specialists, help desk analysts are said to be providing help in terms of technology that takes place via telephone or emails. In fact it would be better to say that they are first people whom you would be resorting to in order to get for technical support. Thus they have to take care of the problems being faced by the customers and bring in solutions as fast as possible.


Coming to the aspect of the job and its description, it is the duty of the analyst to attend the calls and listen patiently to their queries. After this, they would be gathering all the related information for getting to the nook of the solution. It is also observed that the help desk analyst might be searching in the previous records for similar references. Even internal as well as external customers are to be handled throughout the day. Thus the trouble shooting is the main aim of the analyst and quicker in action too. After all this is the reason why the help desk is nowadays made an integral part of any office.


  • one has to enhance the IT technical skills
  • must be good at communication (verbal and written)
  • can easily bring in solutions to the problems faced by the customers
  • able to maintain a friendly relation with the customers
  • must have computer knowledge


  • Need to receive calls from the customers all the daylong
  • Update oneself with the knowledge of IT technical support
  • can reach to any heights in order to solve the problem being faced
  • resort to higher authority if incapable to handle
  • maintains good relations with the customers
  • works for longer hours to bring in solution
  • patiently listens to the problem faced and assures the customer with assurance of solution assistance


A bachelor’s degree would be doing the educational favor but it is the communicating skills that need to be maintained. Also if you get industry specific certifications then surely there will be more lucrative opportunities open in front of you.

Work Condition

Since this job is only related to receive the calls at the help desk or attend those who come to seek help, one has to sit for long hours. As this job is based on providing IT support to the customers thus one must be knowledgeable to handle these aspects. But if any much trifling problem arises then surely one has to resort to the higher officials in order to conclude at smarter solutions. There is not much physical standards required in order to maintain the job. But it is only communication skills that must be sharpened to the extent that they can maintain good relations with the customers that ultimately brings in profit for the companies.


  • must be good in communication
  • patient in listening to problems
  • understand the problem creating aspect
  • find in quicker solutions

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