Health unit co-ordinators work in medically related organizations like hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, long term Health care facilities, hospitals and health & insurance companies assisting the medical staff. Often they serve as liaison or interface between the doctors & Patients , nursing units and other departments within the facility. Health care unit coordinators achieve benefit from being able to connect everyone involved in the hospital, which gives them a level of increased confidence/courage due to their knowledge of the inner workings of the facility.

Job Description

The Health Unit Co-ordinator (HUC) functions under the direction and supervision of the Registered Nurse to perform assigned general secretarial/clerical duties which may include the preparation, compilation, maintenance of records on a nursing unit; demonstrates proficiency and accuracy in the use of the computer to enter and obtain data and assists the manager with support clerical functions as assigned. Their job duties and working environment are all likely to depend on their place of employment. A number of various health care facilities employ health unit coordinators, which includes hospitals, public health agencies, medical clinic, health maintaining organisations, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, government agencies etc. It’s easy for a health unit coordinator to go unnoticed, but they are responsible for helping in initiating a smooth flow hospital’s day-to-day operations . When a patient is admitted or released from the hospital, the health unit coordinator processes their forms. When a lavatory test needs to be performed, the health unit coordinator schedules it on time as per requirement. And health unit coordinators are wholly in charge of everything you don’t see – keeping the drug supply stocks or inventory, managing equipment, and relaying information between patients and staff.

Skill Requirement

  • Proficiency in medical terminology or jargon and medical transcription is a must for health care coordinators.
  • They must be comfortable in using computers and have extensive clerical skills including filing, data entry, copying and switchboard phone systems.
  • They need to have good & effective communication skills, patience and the ability to explain information to others in an understandable way.
  • They must be highly organised.
  • Proficient in reading and writing.
  • Basic keyboarding/data entry skills.
  • NAC license preferred.
  • Ability to organize efficiently and abide through with projects.

Job Duties

Customer Service

  • Maintains and promotes increased positive, open and honest interpersonal relationships with customers (physicians, employees, visitors, patients, and other Lincoln Hospital publics). Provides high quality service to all customers; focuses on understanding customers’ needs and follows through. Shows respect for the capabilities , varying cultures and or personalities of co-workers and Lincoln Hospital publics within the mission/values of Lincoln Hospital.
  • Identifies and responds to customer needs during initial and ongoing interactions and clarifies customer’s expectations.
  • Listens to the perspective of the customer and responds promptly in a respectful manner.
  • Responds to customer cultural/religious beliefs by identifying what is problematic for the customer and what accommodations are possible.
  • Addresses customers in a pleasant, humble, courteous, and respectful manner, and calls them with there names, whenever possible or required.
  • Approaches medical centre customers in a helpful manner, provides clear directions, escorts them to requested area or refers to someone who can assist them.


  • Promotes and initiates effective, open and honest written and oral / verbal communication skills.
  • Utilizes active listening techniques during communication. (Eye contact, body language, summarizing back to the customer their needs; ensures follow through on co-worker requests.)
  • Uses easily understood age-appropriate language when giving customer information.
  • Avoids using technical/professional jargon without explanation.

Self Management

  • Demonstrates self-management behaviours, which reflect a positive image of Lincoln.
  • Hospital, strictly following the formulated or established policies and procedures and promote an efficient, cost effective work environment.

Working Conditions

  • High Potential contact with hazardous or dangerous chemicals and drugs.
  • Use of electric machines/equipment.
  • Potential exposure to radioactive materials/rays.
  • Potential contact with combative/confused patients.
  • High Potential or chances to exposure to biological hazards/blood body fluids and patients with infectious disease.

Job tips

  • Be fluent in the knowledge you poses.
  • Be proactive in completing the job at hand.
  • Don’t be hesitant to disapprove any applicant.
  • Love your job, be proud of what you are doing and believe in yourself.

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