A guest service agent is one who handles the guests coming to their hotel. The main aim of a guest service agent is to inspire every guest staying at the hotel to visit their hotel again. He works at the front door, front desk, back office and at certain times also guards the halls of the hotel. He also interacts with the other employees in the hotel and visitors on a regular basis.

Job Responsibility

  • The main job responsibility of a guest service agent is to create 100% customer satisfaction by offering friendly and sincere hospitality to the guests.
  • They need to pay personal attention and take up personal responsibility of the guests staying at their hotel. A guest service agent utilizes teamwork while offering guest service.
  • They have to listen to, apologize with understanding if needed and also find a solution while resolving the problems of guests.
  • They need to perform various other duties as needed to offer friendly treatment to the guests.

Job Duties

There are lots of job duties that a guest service agent needs to perform. Some of the important ones are mentioned below:

  • They have to greet guests and process the registration of the hotel
  • A guest service agent offers guests with assistance at the front desk at the time when the guests check-in and check-out
  • They have to respond to the inquires of the customers
  • They have to make sure that all the demands of the guests are fulfilled.
  • They should remain updated about the various developments in the hotel and keep on updating the blog of the hotel
  • They need to provide guests updated rooms and also have to promote food, amenities and various services of the hotel
  • A guest service agent has to make reservations according to the practices of hotel yield management
  • They need to find suitable signatures and approvals


There are some skills that a person should have in order to become a guest service agent. If you want to become a successful guest service agent you must have the skills mentioned below:

  • Dynamic Listening
  • Service Alignment
  • Speaking
  • Coordination
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • Monitoring
  • Reading Knowledge
  • Decision making
  • Management of time
  • Negotiation
  • Writing
  • Managing personal resources
  • Studying strategies
  • Training

Work Environment

The kind of work environment that a guest service agent would attain varies based on the type of firm he chooses to work. They might be required to greet the guests and offer all updated news and information about the hotel and other things that the guests are looking for. They have to be in the front desk of the hotel. The actual working hour of a guest service agent differ from one firm to another.


  • The candidate applying for the job of a guest service agent should complete his graduation.
  • A person with a good communication skill is appropriate for this job.
  • A person who has experience in handling guests is welcome.

Tips for Jobs

There are certain tips that should be considered before applying for a guest service agent job. Some of the important tips that should be considered are mentioned below:

  • Effective consumer intelligence
  • Understand what the guests think

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