Accountants are a very respectable job, earning quite a high salary. They are in demand, in all the companies, whether big or small. A general ledger accountant performs the basic accounting jobs which are important for any accounts work. They have to ensure that all the financial transactions have been properly accounted for.

General Ledger Accountant Job Description

The main works pertaining to this job are as follows:

  • He has to analyze the financial accounts of the company.
  • He has to oversee the process of month end closing.
  • He has to go through all the financial documents and see that are properly maintained.
  • He has to inform the management regarding the financial matter of the company.
  • He has to maintain the financial report of the company.


The main duties of this job are as discussed below:

  • He has to oversee that the employees are getting their wages according to the work that they have completed.
  • He has to transfer money from the banks and to it also.
  • He has to approve all the transaction receipts of the banks, which have been prepared by other junior accountants.
  • He has to see that all the receipts obtained from the vendors are in proper order.
  • He has to see that all the money, which is to be paid to the contractors, has been dispatched.
  • At the month end, he has to see that all the fringe benefits, etc. have been paid to the employees.
  • They should also know about property accounting, maintain accounts of corporates, and general auditing.


The skills that are required for this job are as described below:

  • They are required to be familiar with the general accounting process.
  • They are expected to have knowledge about payroll settlements.
  • The knowledge of book keeping is an inevitable part of this job.
  • They should know to use the accounts software on the computer.
  • They should know how to work as a team.
  • They should be able to complete their work independently.
  • Having good communication skills is an absolute must for this job.
  • They must have good writing skills as they have to keep so many financial records.

Work Environment:

The working conditions of a ledger accountant can be described as follows:

  • They generally have to have in office set ups.
  • They generally have fixed working hours, but during month end closing, they have to work for long hours.
  • They generally do not have to travel for work except for few business meetings.
  • They have to work for 5 days a week.
  • They should be able to work as a team.


The essential qualifications required for this job are as described below:

  • A bachelor degree in commerce or economics is required.
  • They should be a certified, chartered accountant.
  • Having experience is an added advantage.
  • They should know to use the accounting software in the computer.

Tips for Jobs:

The candidates who want to take up this job should keep the following tips in mind:

  • They should be able to maintain all the records properly.
  • They should be highly focused and with a cool temperament as they have to keep long records of money transactions.

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