A general accountant is the person who is responsible for compiling and analysing all the financial information. The main task of a general accountant involves preparing the financial report, tax returns, profit and loss statements and other budget details for their clients. The job as a general accountant is full of respect and also the earnings are great in this profession.

General Accountant Job Description

The job of any general accountant revolves through various responsibilities like preparing the tax forms and providing the necessary financial and tax planning advice to their commercial clients. He needs to prepare financial report by analysing and researching all the accounting data and provide this financial information to the firm management team. He needs to make effective use of all the data and resources thus meeting the needs of the client.

Skill requirements:

Position of a general accountant in any organisation or firm demands to deal with a variety of issues and problems hence he need to have the following skills:

  • Supervisory skills are the most essential demand to be a good general accountant.
  • Skill of decision making and team building are another necessity to this job.
  • Must have effective skills of writing, listening and verbal communication.
  • Management skills should include time management and stress management.
  • Must administrate all the accounts data and other administrative aspects.
  • Should be patient and responsible towards his job. 
  • Good knowledge of computer system so as to run multi-user websites and technically advanced systems of information.
  • Must have the ability to make best judgements by applying accounting principles ad facts.
  • Be honest, respectful and trustworthy.
  • Must have leadership qualities.
  • Must be well- organised.
  • Must be able to plan and organise the work flow with minimum possible supervision.
  • Must be deadline- oriented so that he could submit the work within the given deadline.
  • Must maintain the confidentiality of the organisation or firm.
  • Planning and analytic abilities are also a must.


Key responsibilities of a general accountant include:

  • Performing all the auditing and accounting work.
  • Establishing excellent working relationships.
  • Maintaining of official data and preparing the financial reports.
  • Maintaining organisation’s environment a peaceful and cooperative one.
  • Delivery of best quality services to the clients before or by the given deadline.
  • Proper supervision of other staff members.
  • Analysing all the accounting actions properly.
  • Maintaining the financial security of all the accounting data.
  • Must flow all the rules and regulations of the firms properly.
  • Must accomplish the results of the allotted work by performing his duty.
  • Proper management of all the financial data and information.
  • Help the clients by providing them counselling on tactical and strategic matters.
  • Developing understanding about client’s business.
  • Making long term policies for the clients.
  • Ensure accuracy for all the services.
  • Work collaboratively with the clients to fulfil their expectations.
  • Perform other assigned duties properly.

Work conditions:

The general accountant usually needs to work in his office in comfortable environment, using his computer to feed the financial records and preparing reports of the client’s account. They mostly get employed in small as well as in large organisations or firms. They need to complete the account work within the given deadline to maintain healthy working relationship with their clients.

Tips for a good job:

  • Be punctual to the job.
  • Possess ability to focus hard even while working on lengthy financial reports.
  • Maintain the firm’s confidentiality.
  • Honest and sincere towards the job.

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