A Gas Station Attendant works at a gas or fuel filling station. A gas station attendant is also known as ‘Gas Jockey’. A gas or a fuel station is a place where different types of vehicle fuels are sold to customers. Now a day’s most of the fuels stations also have a convenience store attached to it. Most of the vehicles run on petrol, diesel, CNG & LNG and these are the fuels most commonly available at fuel stations. The main role of a gas station attendant is to pump fuel into the motor vehicle. Besides this, they perform lot of other duties which have been elaborated below.

Skill Requirements

  • Fluent in one or more local language of the region where the fuel station is located. Basic knowledge of English would be an added advantage.
  • Must be physically fit and healthy. Should be able to lift heavy weight and do other physically demanding work at the fuel station. Must have the stamina to be on his feet throughout working hours.
  • Must have a pleasing personality and have a friendly attitude towards customers and co-workers.
  • Should be able to use various tools and equipment used at fuel stations with ease.
  • Must be a quick learner.
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics to ensure accurate billing.
  • Candidates having basic knowledge of computers and billing systems would be preferred.

Job Duties

  • Pump fuel into the motor vehicle. Confirm with the customer what type of fuel he needs before pumping.
  • Collect money from the customer and provide him with a valid bill.
  • Ensure all the money collected is safely deposited at the billing counter.
  • Record keeping of all the products and services sold and money collected in return.
  • Provide additional services such as windshield cleaning, car wash, checking tire pressure, applying lubrication to automobile parts, changing oil, etc.
  • Ensure all the tools and equipment of the fuelling station is in up to date condition at all the time. If any maintenance is required, bring it to the notice of the employer.
  • Ensure the place of work in clean and hygienic.
  • Work in the convenience store attached to the fuelling station. Work may involve stock keeping, billing, helping customers find an item, restocking, etc.
  • Ensure all the safety standards are met all the time to avoid any accidents.

Work Conditions

  • Work in a gas station or fuel filling station.
  • Work involves being on feet throughout work hours.
  • Physically demanding job.
  • May have to work in shifts as many fuelling stations are open 24*7.
  • Candidates will be exposed dirt, grime, pollution, chemicals & other toxic substance, and oil in course of day to day work.

Educational Requirements

  • Undergraduate or graduate in any field.
  • Must have some basic technical knowledge of automobiles and various auto parts.
  • Candidates having previous experience of working in a gas or a fuelling station will be preferred.

Tips for Job

  • Be honest. Never cheat customers by under-fuelling or over-charging.
  • Have a smiling face in front of customers.
  • Make customers aware about the additional services provided at the fuel station.
  • Aim to have a clean and polished appearance in front of the customers.
  • Always ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Always thank the customer when he tips you.

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