Funerals are a very common phenomenon in a human’s life. But the organizing demise programs need someone who can handle the situation with ease. This is exactly the job of the Funeral Director. It is found that they are mostly working at the funeral homes or even own them. Thus they are well known as morticians though many tend to start their career as an employee.


Usually the job of a Funeral Director starts when they are being informed about the death. They soon arrange for the removal of the body and issue this information in the newspapers in the form of obituary. After this they are said to be meeting with the family members in order to collect the details of the funerals service. Not only this, they also help the family to decide over the time and location for the service to take place. Even appointing the clergymen is his responsibility along with selecting the pallbearers. After the succession of the above mentioned steps, now the officer contacts the officials of the cemetery and other related personals.


  • Should be aware of the religious rituals
  • Must be licensed embalmers
  • Able to handle the sadness in the atmosphere
  • Should know the legal issues that might be raised after the death of the person
  • stays calm at mind while the program is being organized


  1. informing the relatives or concerned personals
  2. do maintain the financial records
  3. planning and scheduling of the burials or funerals
  4. welcoming the guests to their seats in order to attend the service
  5. calling in of the pall bearers and honorary personals for their respective duties
  6. the kind and placement of the casket
  7. taking care of the dead remains
  8. cemetery services are being contacted for planning of the service
  9. collecting details of the death certificates as well as permits for burials
  10. management of funeral operations in a calm manner


Preparation of being Funeral Director must be started from high school. One must be aware of

  • Personal services
  • Knowledge of administrative management
  • Vocational diploma holder in subjects like Psychology as well as related law abiding.

Work Condition

In general, it has being noticed that the funeral homes are kept clean and tidy. Even the designs of them are also worth watching, after all a human soul rests in peace in such places. Since death comes almost uncertain in one’s life, thus funeral directors always need to be ready to serve. You can also say that when one has to serve for the funeral service then one might have to work for 40 hours per day. Thus now you can understand that the working hours are very irregular and no holiday in return. Often one funeral director has to handle the tough situations prevailing in one’s mind as soon as demise occurs.


  • must be comfortable in handling the people in sad situation
  • keep their mind calm
  • should be fast at service

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