Whenever financing is related to funding then it is said that without proper accounting it will be a waste in fund collection or investment. Hence a fund accountant has to maintain the day to day balance sheets of accounting for their respective one or many funds (mutual or institutional). One mistake can surely bring in great variations in the company as it is after all the trust that matters most.

Fund Accountant Job Description

Accounting is always dependent on correct computation. Without this fact it would be very tough to maintain proper relations between the vendors or the funding company. This now you can understand the importance of the fund accountant job. Thus he would be made responsible for the verifying the accuracy of the accounts, calculation of the fees or even confirming the activity of trading. He is also responsible for solving any of the accounting problems faced by the account holders.


A fund accountant has to be accurate when it comes to estimate, after all this is one thing that the longevity of their job depends.

  • Calculating and preparing the income tax returns by filling the tax form 1120 or 1065
  • Tax filling that requires regular reviewing for funds like equity, real estate, and hedge or for investment managers or general partners.
  • Security analysis is also performed while calculating the adjustments in fund tax.
  • Accounting records are to be regularly maintained along with the financial statements.
  • Simplifying the fund transactions and recording them in a book
  • Filing of various funds and collecting the capital calls along with their distributions
  • Accounting are to be processed according to the tax regulations
  • updated the accounts and their clients knowledge according to new regulations and assessing of upcoming risks
  • Closing of the funds that take place on a monthly basis
  • Informing the investors about the profits and analyzing about the progress
  • Preparation of tax returns for various enterprises and the partnerships


Other than just being an expert in calculating the funds, one must b having the following features:

  • One must be able to handle the work load
  • Able to showcase the analytical skills
  • Has the capacity of organizing
  • Should be fluent in using software like Excel or Word
  • Should be patient to handle new updates
  • Smart in dealing clients and their demands


Though for accounting careful calculation is what matters most, but a bachelor’s degree with finance exposure is a must. Internships in this field would be really helpful. Experiences would be counted as an added advantage for qualifying as a Fund Accountant.

Work condition

Most of the time would be spend in office and working for the stipulated time. But in the year ending calculations, one might be required to spend longer time in order to complete the calculations with accuracy. One might have to shift at various destinations but on a temporary basis.

Tips for the job

  • Cool minded attention towards work
  • Updating with the regulations of the tax returns

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