The job of a functional consultant is to help the employer to upgrade the software system that will be used by many employees, and will be accessed using a network. He has to make sure that the project gets on smoothly. He is required to play many roles during the implementation and installation of the software.

Job Description

The different job that needs to be performed by him is as follows:

  • He has to consult and evaluate the impact of the new software system on the current business structure.
  • He makes recommendations for software that will improve the current business process.
  • He has to plan the implementation of the project from the scratch.
  • He has to determine the configurations required for the implementation of the software.
  • He has to get these configurations approved by the leadership team.
  • He needs to do the mapping analysis of every module of the software, and prepare the final goals of the project.
  • They have to work with other consultants in installation and configuration of the system.
  • They need to coordinate with the project manager regarding the progress of the project.
  • They need to test the software module as they come online and have to train the employees regarding the usage of the software.
  • After going live, they need to assess that the software is behaving as expected.
  • He may be required to make refinements to the software during the final stages of the project.

Job Duties

The duties required to be performed by the functional consultants are as described below:

  • They are expected to inform about the current business process. They prepare flow diagrams and DFDs.
  • They have predefined templates wherein they have to enter anything that has been configured.
  • Analysis of Mapping and GAP for each module.
  • They have to prepare end user manuals, and have to train the user.
  • Update the project status, to the project manager.


The skills that they need to possess are as follows:

  • He should be able to handle tickets, and provide support to the users in matters related applications of the software.
  • Should be able to analyze and solve the problem.
  • Has to write functional specifications, and interact with ABAPers.
  • Has to prepare test data and test it.
  • Interact with clients or the end users.
  • Has to interact with module consultants.
  • Has to create process documents and update them.

Work Environment

The working conditions are as described below:

  • They have to work in big organizations, and have plush offices.
  • They have to work 5 days a week, and weekends are holidays.
  • They have to work long hours, during the time when the project goes live.
  • They have to travel to the client location, and help in developing and installing software.
  • Their job does not involve any physical stress.


The qualifications required for this job are as described below:

  • A degree in software engineering is required.
  • A master in computer engineering is highly desirable.
  • Must have certificate in software designing.

Tips for Jobs

Some useful tips for candidates wanting to choose this profession are:

  • Having impeccable analytical skills.
  • Should strive for excellence and perfection.

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