A Functional analyst is an equivalent to systems analyst and responsible for analyzing different data processing programs within an organization along with implementation of ideas in order to bring improvements in computer systems.

Job Description

  • Development and documentation of different procedures of system design.
  • Maintenance and tracking of different computer system and programming languages.
  • Consulting the higher management for implementation of improved or modified systems.
  • Implementation of new ideas in order to improve the work flow within the organization.
  • Training the staff for using computer systems and programs.
  • Assessing the hardware and software that is required for alteration of system.
  • Acting as supervisors or project managers for specific system based projects.
  • Interviewing the survey workers in order to find out whether the performance of survey workers is satisfactory.
  • Coordination of different computer systems and setting links between them.
  • Devising the objective of the system and description of the steps of each program with the help of flow chart.
  • Using the system for analyzing business solutions to problems and devising cost effective programs for this purpose.

Job Duties

The job duties of functional analysts include the following:

  • Analysis of information for finding better solutions to problems.
  • Using computer hardware and software for entering data, writing software programs and processing information.
  • Determining whether the information pertains to the standards of business.
  • Communication with employees of different levels within an organization.
  • Modification of existing knowledge.
  • Maintenance of interpersonal relationship within an organization.
  • Identification of different actions and events and outing them into use for proper functioning.
  • Communicating with different people outside organization, but related to business.
  • Imparting knowledge of technical systems.
  • Should be able to work in administrative capacities.


  • Functional analysts should have computer skills.
  • They should also have business skills for working in business organizations.
  • Knowledge of technology is essential for seeking jobs as computer analysts.
  • Organizational skills are required for performing as functional analysts.
  • Should also have skills of negotiation.
  • Creative thinking is one of the most important aspects of functional analysts.

Working Environment

Functional analysts are responsible for working in front of computers for long hours beyond normal work schedule. In fact, functional analysts should also work within normal business hours although they work for more than 50 hours. Due to this, functional analysts often suffer from severe eyestrain.


  • Functional analysts should have proper knowledge of business functions.
  • Knowledge of risk assessment is essential along with communication skills for talking to senior and junior executives.
  • Should have knowledge of leading projects within an organization.
  • Should have Bachelor’s degree in business and information systems.
  • Experience of working in IT related fields would be an added advantage.

Tips for jobs

  • Knowledge of software and its applications.
  • Should have the capacity of dealing with different segments of people.
  • Problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Knowledge of business planning.
  • Expertise in verbal and written skills.

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