A front end developer’s main responsibilities include modification, production and maintenance of web applications and websites user interfaces. They need to work closely and act cooperatively with the designers. A front end developer must have good language skills like strong knowledge of XTML language in order to convert the Photoshop designs into webpages based on working browser. The also lead to the development of database- driven, complex and interactive websites.

Job description:

The main job of a front end developer is to make efficient layout of the website with ultimate functionality. He designs the website with attractive shopping carts, menu bars and also other easily accessible links for the clients. He contributes to the company’s development standards and discusses the technical solutions with the clients to provide innovative ideas. He has to fulfil lots of responsibilities to be a successful one in this profession. The job of a front end developer demands for technical skills in the employee. The profession is one of the reputed one in the market and also assures high salary income.

Skill requirements:

There are many skills associated with the profession of a front end developer and few of them are:

  • Communication: Front end developer must be able to communicate with others through the graphics and website.
  • Thinking and reasoning: The foremost basic need of a front end developer is to have a good analysing ability so that he could design a website up to the client’s expectations.
  • Creativity: The front end developer needs to be very creative and imaginative.
  • Excellent programming skills in languages like XHTML, HTML and CSS.
  • Should be updated with all the advancements taking place in the technical world.
  • Should be an active listener who could well interpret with his client’s vision.
  • Should be patient and attentive towards his work.
  • Must have time management as well as stress management skills.
  • Must be cooperative in nature.
  • Must be self- motivated and well- organised.
  • Strong in building apps and social sites.
  • Must have the ability to work for long hours under high pressure and complete the website designing work within the given deadline.

Job duties:

Major Job duties of a good front end developer include:

  • Provide technical solutions to the problems to clients.
  • Designing the website using graphics and animations.
  • Create shopping carts, menu bars and also other easily accessible links on the web pages for the clients.
  • Prepare rough designs and get them approved by the client before making the final layout of the website or web pages.
  • Design animated menus to make more business and also design hypertext links.
  • Should make his client satisfied with the work.
  • Must be able to fulfil all the requirements of his clients.
  • Use software packages and standard graphics for their work.
  • Creation of the user interface for multiple websites.
  • Designing of robust and totally secured web applications.
  • Create special effects as demanded by the client.
  • Maintaining cooperative and working environment and also training the technical staff.

Work conditions:

A front end developer works in his office in comfortable environment analysing the client’s needs properly and then he continue making the designs and layout of the websites on his computer system. He needs to implement the design in a way such that the given client’s timeline could be met. Also, he needs to work for long hours.

Tips for a good job:

  • Must ensure that the clients are satisfied.
  • Should complete the project within the time limit given.
  • Websites and apps should be designed in an attractive way and up to client satisfaction.

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