A front desk agent is a person who puts the first impression of the property on the customers. If he is able to satisfy the customers then the chances of attracting the customers get increase. This position is very stimulating, demanding and it appeals to work for very flexible hours.

Job description:

  • Job description of a desk agent may vary depending upon the person who is his boss and what he demands from him.
  • His job is not just restricted to the desk related issues.
  • He has to keep a sharp eyes on the reservation, comings and goings of the people
  • All desk operations are the responsibility of the front desk agent and he has to perform that with great care and attention.

Job duties:

A desk agent has to perform a lot of duties when he is on the job. His duties can be elaborated as

  • To provide quote of the room rates is the primarily duty of the desk agent.
  • He has to synchronize with the house keeping section with the great care and he has to pay consideration to desk.
  • He has to check that whether the true and right credits are posted to the right person folio. Any difference can make a big problem.
  • He has to gather the imbursement for the charges of room and for the other services.
  • He is bound to behave with the customers nicely and he has to respond to the queries of the customers too.
  • If a customer has some complaint then he is bound to resolve their complaints.
  • Whenever a customer comes for having a room then to provide room to the customer is his obligatory job.


A person is doing whatever type of job; he is needed to possess some type of skills. It is necessary because if a person is not having right skills for the job then he may not accomplish it according to the requirements. Skills that a front desk agent must have are as follows

  • He must have professional attitude.
  • He should have the aptitude to accomplish the things or in other sense managerial skills are needed.
  • Organizational skills are necessary as if he is organized then he will be able to take the things in the proper manner.
  • Communication skills should be an eminent part of his personality. If he did not possess them then he cannot perform this job.

Work environment:

A work environment in which a person or agent work, it totally depends on the atmosphere of the place where he works. May be where he works, there he is allowed to handle the things on counter according to his ability or maybe he is restricted to do what he is said to do. It is based on the culture of the association or place.


  • Secondary school diploma is required for him.
  • Post-secondary training in tourism and hotel management.

Tips for this job:

  • You have to be very welcoming with all the people to whom you met daily.
  • Be knowledgeable
  • Be accommodating to the customers as they are tired because of travelling so show some flexibility.

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