A freight associate is a person who plays a very important part in shipping and as well as storage of the goods. Their work starts from loading the freight to picking it up and delivering it to the right place at the right time. Any hardworking person can become a successful freight associate with a little experience as a freight mover.

Job description

  • They are considered to be the boss of the freight associate.
  • They should look after the fact that the freight reaches the desire place within time.
  • They are completely in response with the freight.

Job duties

To know in detail about the freight associate it is important to discuss about their duties.

  • They look after the stocks.
  • They help to create a safe and pleasant work floor.
  • They help in the promotions.
  • It is their duty to arrange the freight and to deliver them at the right place at the right time.
  • It is their duty to communicate with the inventory management.
  • The merchandise is packed by them.


Certain skills are there that will help one to become a successful freight associate.

  • As they are considered to be the boss so, they should have the managerial skills.
  • They should know how to tackle the juniors and hence should be a bit strict.
  • A very good communication skill is very important as they will have to deal with different types of people.
  • They should have the ability to work in a flexible time.
  • They should have an excellent customer care skill.
  • They should be able to solve any problem easily and be able to take any decision very easily.
  • They should be strong physically.

Work environment

It is believed that the freight associates do not have a fixed office and they will have to visit different sites. They have to maintain a calm and pleasant working atmosphere so that they can work safely. There should be a very friendly relation between them and other colleagues.


  • No specific college or university degree is required to be a freight associate.
  • A high school diploma is enough in case of this job.
  • A proper background check is very important to be a successful freight associate.
  • They should have completed an employer training program.

Tips for jobs

For every job there are certain tips that will help one to become successful in that field. In this case also if you want to excel as a successful freight associate then, you can follow these tips.

  • Work as naturally as you can with a smiling face.
  • Be very professional and hard working.
  • Always try to reach in time.
  • Keep a track of all the news.
  • You need to keep a friendly and healthy relation with your co-workers.
  • Try to solve all the problems without tension.

If you go through this article carefully, then you will find that the tips and the details given here will surely help you to excel in this job.

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