Those individuals who are hired to look after the safety and security of the public travelling in airlines are called the flight attendants. Their appointment has been necessitated by law. The flight attendants have to make sure that the rules and regulations that have been laid down for the security and safety are strictly followed. They have to look after the comfort of the passengers.

Job description

  • The flight attendant has to deal with the public directly. They have to receive the passengers and also have to serve them in the restaurants and even at the stores.
  • They have to personal aid to the passengers along with medical and emotional support.
  • Flight attendant has to handle, install, position and also at times move the materials for the passengers.
  • They have to observe and assess the information from the environment and materials that are carried by the passengers in order to identify the problems.
  • They have to represent the organization they are working for to the customers and to the government along with all the other external foundations and communicate with them. This can be done personally or in writing through emails.

Job duties

There are certain officials who brief the flight attendant at least one hour before the flight is to take off. They are told about their duties like as follows

  • The flight attendant has to broadcast and show the procedures for safety and emergency like the use of seat belts and oxygen masks along with life jackets.
  • They have to attendant to the passengers and reply to every question put to them regarding the flight or the route they are traveling on or the services being provided or about the timings.
  • Flight attendant has to help the passengers in keeping the luggage under the seat or overhead.
  • It is their duty to help out the passengers when they are getting on the flight and when they are getting off the aircraft.
  • They are liable to attend the preflight conference or meeting where they are told about routes, altitudes, emergency procedures, food and beverage and coordination of the crew.
  • Before the flight is about to take off they have to check all the supplies lie food, beverages, blankets, reading material etc.


There are certain skills that a flight attendant must possess. They are

  • They must be highly active and must quickly find ways to help the passengers whenever required.
  • They must be good in communication so that the information can be conveyed effectively.
  • They ought to be aware of how one would react and also understand why they do the way they do.
  • They have to be excellent listeners. They have to be attentive to what the passengers say and take time to jot down the points that are made, ask questions appropriately and interrupt only when required.

Work environment

The flight attendants have to work night and day and even on holidays and weekends. There is an agreement as per which they fix monthly hours of working. Normally, they have to be on work 12 hours a day.


  • certified as Air Flight Attendant
  • brilliant communication and interpersonal expertise

Tips for jobs

Knowledge of English, and if possible, more languages is a must. The voice has to be very clear and one must be extremely patient.

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