A Financial assistant is responsible for assisting the financial staffs and the external bodies such as Inland Revenue, Trust, suppliers and reporting agencies. They assist in the activities of Financial Directorate in handling the finance related matters.

Job description

  • They work in collaboration with activities of Financial Directorates.
  • They make the trust aware of relevant legislation as per the basis of Data Protection Act. However, they maintain confidentiality when they communicate with the clients.
  • They have a good knowledge about accounting system, which deals with the activities of the Financial Directorate.
  • They handle the application, which deals with the accounting standards.
  • They have to attend the various meeting related to finance.

The job of a financial assistant mainly revolves around managing and assisting the activities, which are related to finance and accounting.

Job duties

There are many responsibilities of a Financial Assistant. They list of duties is mentioned below:

  • A Financial assistant has to implement fundamental accounting knowledge and methods for the production of in journals or external journals.
  • They have to calculate in proper way for financial transaction dealing with the Finance Directorate.
  • They have to provide the financial information to the customers, managers and suppliers.
  • Financial assistants are also responsible for resolving the errors in the accounting.


The skills that a Financial Assistant must have are mentioned below:

  • The person must have good knowledge of mathematics and calculation.
  • The person must have good deal of patience, so that he can carry out the hectic job of managing the finance related jobs in calm manner.
  • Must be able to handle the electronic gadgets such as calculators, computers etc.
  • Must have managerial skills to assist in management of finance related issues.
  • They must have good communication skill, so that they can communicate with the clients, managers, suppliers and customers in an effective manner.

Work environment

Financial assistant must have to in assistance with the activities in Finance Directorate. It is a job with lots of responsibility, and any mistake in the course of calculation can lead to severe problems. They have to maintain a good rapport with the other employees and colleagues of the employees. During annual audit, they have to stretch their office hours till late night.


  • Graduate or Post graduates in finance or accountancy from an accredited college or university are eligible to be a Finance assistant.
  • Candidates with Management course in Finance or accountancy are desirable for the job profile.
  • Experience of few years will add to the qualification of the candidates.

Tips for the job

Following is the list of tips, which will help an individual to get the job of a Financial Assistant.

  • One must have fascination for fast calculations to carry out the finance related jobs in an organization.
  • For assuring a career as Financial Assistant, one should be comfortable in attending the business meeting with higher authorities.
  • The individual must be honest, as it is one of the major characteristic of the employees, who are working in the field of finance.

All the above mentioned tips and skills will help an individual, who aspire to be a Financial Assistant.

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