People who have good attitude towards numbers and accounting can become good financial accountants. They make the financial data and reports to people in upper management, tax authorities, shareholders and other people who are involved in the finance of a company.

Financial Accountant Job Description

A financial accountant is responsible to maintain general ledger, checks the expense accounts and balance sheet accounts and makes adjustments where it is needed. He analyses the accounts payable accounts and other payrolls which are important for getting entrance into financial systems. He is responsible to review the results along with the State management in order to assure the understanding of results of the reported financial.

Job duties

Below are duties that a financial accountant performs during his duty

  • Performing accounting functions of financial portion of a business such as analysis of management as well as financial reports on monthly basis and assisting in their preparation throughout the month.
  • Performing cash related work daily.
  • Performing analysis of finance which is assigned by Controller to business.
  • Finding and contacting with the customers having overdue accounts and collecting data in computer in order to check the whole efforts and progress of business.
  • Performing functions with State management on property records to view status of project completion.
  • Collecting data from file research with the estimators for answering questions and compiling of backup data for collecting further struggle.
  • Creating and distributing financial report including analysis of monthly labor and key financial metrics.


In order to become a good financial accountant, you must have following skills:

  • Thinking systematically skills
  • Resolving issues related to financial
  • Numeracy and accounting skills
  • Motivational skills
  • Supervision and management skills
  • Interpersonal relation skills
  • Proper management of time
  • Knowledge of global accounting principles
  • Good communication skills
  • Risk management and working along with other people as a team member
  • Well organized

Work environment

Normally, the work environment of a financial accountant is sitting in office. Working hours can range from 40 hours in one week to more extra hours. In public accounting, you may need to work from 50 to 80 hours in one week during busy season of 3 months.


  • Bachelor degree in field of accounting is compulsory to become senior financial accountant.
  • Master of business administration programs show concentration in finance field and offer profession education regarding finance along with the management training.

Certificates which help financial accountant job seekers include:

  • CIMA
  • AAT
  • IFA
  • ICAS

Tips for the job 

Before job interview, you must be well prepared. For that purpose, do some homework by checking website of company and determine whether you are applicable for financial accountant job in that company. Understand the company, its services, responsibilities of employees and complete structure. Good communication is important in this job so you have to deliver all information effectively in your interview to prove that you have good communication skills. They will ask you about your skills, strength, training programs and work environment that you like.

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