A Finance director holds one of the topmost and the most important position in an organization. The Finance director is responsible for the all the matter relating the finance of the company. All the company’s business and its analysis is done and forwarded by him/her. An individual at this post has to keep in mind the company’s business, plan things and spend accordingly because those decisions will put an impact on the entire business of the company. They have to keep updated the CEO of the company about the work and its progress. They plan for strategies to be the financial analyst, handling and managing the organizations.


  • Since the Finance director holds a high rated post related to finance, it is very important for him/her to possess professional skills like monitoring, instructing and managing.
  • Also mathematical and statistics for accurate calculations.
  • Very good communication skills.
  • Handling team workings and managing it efficiently.
  • Perfectionist and critical thinking skills
  • Budgeting and Accuracy striven.
  • Coordinating skills.
  • Strong decision taking skills to pass important agendas.
  • Skills to work well and perfect even under pressure.
  • Computer skills to send the E-mails and reply other companies regarding the queries.
  • Reading and writing skills are the must.
  • Supervising and coaching skills.
  • Above all, the organizing skills to organize all the company’s transaction and place the company for auditing.


  • Monitoring the business proposals and deciding for the acceptance of the favorable ones.
  • Supervising the team workings and check for their efficient working to meet the necessary deadlines.
  • Check the company’s budget and handle the spending accordingly.
  • Preparing of the company’s accounts and maintaining cash.
  • Handle all the transactions of the company and report to the CEO of the company in case of major ones.
  • To complete all the annual accounts on time and carry out the final auditing to know the company standard.


  • Long working hours especially when loads of accountancy involved.
  • Constantly working stress because of the pressure.
  • Budgeting is the big issue for any organization and the Finance Director has to take care of it.
  • Manage the team working under him/her and train them accordingly.
  • Organize coaching and workshops for efficient training to the new entrants in the company.
  • Keep the details of each and every purchase or order for the company’s annual records.
  • Perennially keep working hard to keep the company’s task topped.


  • A four year’s bachelor degree in any of the accounting, finance, business management or any of the related field.
  • Or a master’s degree in any of the above fields.
  • A lot of experience is required for the job of a Finance director.


  • Be a perfect fit for the job.
  • Have more confident than required.
  • Be smart, smooth and convincing.
  • Maintain the professional appearance perfectly.

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