A film editor does all the editing of the movie starting from angles of shooting to the completion of the movie. The film editor has to edit the songs and the background music as well. The film editor has to work according to the director and producer of the film. Supervise the staff which is involved in camera shooting editing and other small things.

Skill Requirements

The knowledge of photography is mandatory for this field with difference in effects with different angles and postures. A good idea of the angles of shooting and background light is also required.

Some basic knowledge of computer graphics and animation will always be helpful as it is most required in editing the movie. A film editor should also be aware of the latest trends and technologies used in editing the film in order to make a shot look flawless and smooth. The transition made in shots should not be noticeable.

A film editor should be witty enough to understand the nature of audience the movie will attract and the punch lines they will appreciate.

Job Duties

The film editor has to cut shot sequences to different angles for making each individual shot look perfect and smooth. Study scripts in order to get a jest of the movie which will be helpful in inserting music, songs, dialogues, scenes, comedy etc. using various editing tools and equipment and maintaining the story of the movie to be in flow.

Along with he also has to mark the frames where sound effects is to start and where it has to end keeping in mind the total duration of the movie and particular song or shot. Using graphic programs and tools required for the correction of the movie.

A film editor has to report to a film director and producer in order to know what they want in the film and effects they would like to add. He also has to set up and operate computer editing system, electronic tilting system, video switching equipment, and digital video effects for producing a final product. Manipulation of the plot, score sound and graphics also comes in his account if required.

Developing the promos and post production models for film is also an important job of the film editor. Conducting film screening for director and cast is another job of the film editor.

Educational Qualifications

A degree is not mandatory for film editing. Just an experience and passion for films would be helpful. But an additional degree which these days are provided by film schools can be taken. A diploma in photography would add on your skills

Work Conditions

The majority of candidates who choose to work as film editors can opt to be employed or work on a freelance basis. You can work on contracts for studios, television companies and other key corporate employers from the industry.

Tips for the job

  • Latest trends about the choice of the viewers should be kept in mind before editing the movie.
  • Courses of photography will be helpful.
  • Should be familiar with the latest editing tools and technology in order to complete the work quickly and efficiently.
  • Specialization in theatrical work would be beneficial in initial stages.
  • Music and soundtracks with latest instruments and sound effects has to be added in the movie if not there.
  • One should know how to do maximum work in the least cost.

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