Field engineers work at different sites in order to perform their work duties. They apply the principles of science and mathematics to the varying fields in which they work. They can work at construction sites and aid in efficient construction.

Job Description

The field engineers have to perform a wide variety of tasks. They have to install the different hardware stuffs in order to ensure that the operations are carried out smoothly. They also have to work at construction site and check the different aspects of constructions and actively participate in the activities.

Job Duties

The main duties that a field engineer has to perform are as follows.

  • They need to be aware of the right methods of installation of hardware or software.
  • Some field engineers may have to carry out maintenance services related to different construction work.
  • They need to supervise the construction of buildings, roads, dams and check that the activities are being done in an efficient manner.
  • They need to test the machines that are being used on the sites and trace for the presence of any troubles.
  • They should check the efficiency of the services and machines thoroughly and regularly.
  • Their actual duties depend largely on the firm where they work. If they are in the field of construction of bridges and sewage, they have to oversee the entire process and schedule and delegate the tasks accordingly.


A field engineer must be skilled to ensure that he can carry the duties perfectly. They are as follows.

  • They should be skilled in computing the materials to be used for building constructions.
  • They must have the ability to solve the different problems that may arise during execution of duties.
  • Basic programming skills might be required as well.
  • They should have good communication skills as they need to explain about the problems to the workers.
  • They should be skilled in handling a team.

Work Environment

Although, field engineers would have their own office which may have a wide variety of different facilities, yet their main task requires them to be present on the construction site. Their work can get stressful as they have to coordinate various tasks simultaneously. Thus, the field engineers should adapt their body to the different demands of the work.


The following qualifications are advised for applicants who want to work as a field engineer.

  • A bachelor’s degree is essential and it is preferred that the degree is related to the field of computer and construction.
  • Applicants that have a degree in engineering are recommended for the job.
  • Those applicants who work at the construction sites, they may have to hold the degree of an architect.
  • Work experience in the field can come in handy.

Tips for the job

In order to excel in the duties of a field engineer, you can use the following tips.

  • Make sure to forge a good working relationship with your team.
  • Report to the site on time and track regular progress.
  • Inspire your workers to achieve their target goals.

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