The main task of any fashion editor is to oversee all the creation of fashion- related content to be printed in magazines, newspapers or sold out for any other media outlet like website or television site. They work with photographers, stylists, designers, models and writers. They need to attend the designer showcases, fashion shows and other events to keep themselves updated about the current fashion trends. The fashion editor even work as freelancers who work on contract basis or full time.

Job description:

The job of fashion editor is to supervise the procedure of developing, creating and presenting the fashion related content for photo-shoots, magazines, newspapers or websites. They work under the guidance and complete supervision of editor-in-chief and they are responsible for determining and finalizing the creative influence for working on the particular project or season. The job is of deadline- driven nature so the fashion editor can work as a freelance editor or salaried editor. He even needs to travel sometimes in other to have knowledge of the upcoming trends.

Skill requirements:

Since the job of a fashion editor is an important one so there are also some skill requirements associated with this job. Some of them are as follows:

  • The first and the most important skill is “Creativity”, the person should be very creative.
  • Should know how to make effective use of the things around.
  • Should be strong in creating and designing.
  • Should be an active listener who could well interpret his client’s vision.
  • Should possess confidence, self- discipline and good communication skills.
  • Should have leadership qualities as he needs to supervise the work of his employees.
  • Needs to have mathematical skills also so that he could develop and complete the project within client’s budget.
  • The work should be aesthetically very pleasing.
  • Must have passion about his job.
  • Must have excellent writing skills to produce the best possible content.
  • Must be able to work under pressure in an order to complete the work within the given deadline.
  • Should have an eye for fashion trends to produce best work.
  • Basic knowledge of working on computerized systems using MS-office and how to save and retrieve data, etc.
  • Must have good organisational skills.
  • Should be patient and attentive towards his work.

Job duties:

Job duties of a good fashion editor include:

  • Must fulfil their responsibility of promoting the current and upcoming fashion trends.
  • Must collaborate with the designers if needed.
  • Should make his agents satisfied with the work.
  • Must be able to fulfil all the requirements of all generations.
  • Should work out very systematically in order to make everything very appealing to majority of the crowd.
  • Must take part in the latest fashion trends actively.
  • Must edit all the incoming articles related to fashion.
  • Must analyse the performance of the content properly.
  • Must communicate with the team of underwriters properly.

Working conditions:

A fashion editor
works in his office in comfortable and good conditions where he is given a quiet ambience so that he could analyse the collected data properly and could organize it more efficiently in order to appeal it to the majority of the crowd. This type of job demands entire dedication of an individual. It even sometimes demands overtime work and odd hour presence for the work completion.

Tips for the Job:

  • At all times he must ensure that the work should be according to the latest fashion trend.
  • Should work harder than expected.
  • Be regular on his job.
  • Provide best possible fashion content.

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