A facilities coordinator works under the complete supervision of the facilities manager who helps him in maintaining the physical space, telecommunication systems and office equipment of the organisation. They need to create the response plans and follow all the preventive measures in case of any natural disasters and other emergency conditions that may affect the employee’s efficiency to work. They also serve as a link between the employees of the organisation and the outside contractors for solving any problem.

Job description:

The job of a facilities coordinator is to manage the security systems, equipment maintenance and prepare other actions plans to be followed in case of any emergencies. They supply and fulfil all the needs of an organisation. Other responsibilities of the facilities coordinator include remodelling, construction, security, landscape maintenance and other maintenance activities of the building. The earnings are great in this profession.

Skill requirements:

Since the job of the facilities coordinator is important so there are also several skill requirements associated with the job. Some of them are as follows:

  • Must have time management as well as stress management skills.
  • Must have leadership qualities in order to govern the work properly.
  • Critical thinking adds to another skill which helps in identifying the weaknesses and strengths of alternative solutions and approaches to the emergency conditions.
  • Must be efficient in decision making and judgement.
  • Must have knowledge of all the supervisory practices and principles.
  • Must provide quality services to the people.
  • Must have ability to work for long hours under high pressure.
  • Must have mathematical skills to solve problems.
  • Must have computer skills also.
  • Strong learning strategies are also essential.
  • Proper management of resources.
  • Must have ability to plan efficient projects including technical specifications and schedules.
  • Must design cost- effective building designs along with coordinating and estimating the construction costs.
  • Must know the use of AutoCAD software.
  • Must be well- organised.

Job duties:

Job duties of a good facilities coordinator include:

  • Plans, supervises and coordinates all the maintenance activities and related assigned workforces.
  • Develops and assures the implementation of all the guidelines.
  • Manages the design and installation of the furniture in offices and other areas.
  • Examine if the organisation’s objectives are fulfilled by the management activities.
  • Develops the project estimates of the organisation.
  • Participates and coordinates in the management and planning of the repair and maintenance projects.
  • Maintain and update all the property records and other project documents.
  • Responds to all the urgent maintenance calls on time.
  • Schedules the preventative maintenance projects.
  • All the office supply must be kept stocked.
  • Provides feedback and direction to the subordinate staff to ensure that the task has been completed accurately.
  • Hold and attend the meeting for the exchange of information regarding the concerned project or any issue.
  • Organise the project files properly.
  • Perform other assigned duties properly.

Work conditions:

The job of the facilities coordinator is to plan and supervise the maintenance activities of any organisations. He needs to go out for conducting the activities and thereafter prepare a complete report on the financial and security activities of the organisation, in their office using the computer. They need to work for long working hours.

Tips for a good job:

  • Must ensure the compliance of the policies, procedures and other rules and regulations of the organisation.
  • Be honest and regular to his job.

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