The responsibility given to a executive administrator is mainly clerical work providing service to select board, and assisting to the committees under the jurisdiction of the board; and rest all other related board as required. They are generally passionate about there work which help them to succeed. The leader in the global international marketing consultant are looking for a polished professional and experienced executive administrative.

Job description:

Generally the role played by the executive administrator are mainly to support the CEO and other executive as needed. Maintaining calendar between the clients and the partners by the means of extensive organization of email. They generally maintain the domestic and international travel records and also arrange meeting and telephonic conferencing. They also produce status reports, accounting reports and sales. Administrative functions of the HR departments are also provided by them, updates the handbook and maintain the company policies. Participating in meeting and coordination between lunches and dinners for business clients. They also handle the supplies and the delivery of the company equipments. At last they act as a HUB for the office and contractors need is also met.

Skill requirement:

To get the job and to perform it nicely one should have at least 3 years of experience in the “C” level or director level.

  • He should have a HR experience which would be a plus point for him. A home having a office environment having computers and additionally a high speed internet facility.
  • He should have a great experience in MS office including power point and excel. Should be fluent in his/her communication skill.
  • Organization skill should be must.
  • he should have the ability to handle multi task at a time and to solve problems very fast and should take initiative to come forward and to be self-motivated
  • At last should be motivated to work in a growing environment.
  • should maintain personal ethics and honesty.

Job duties:

They generally prepare board agendas and arrange board meetings and then send for final approval.

  • They need to assists other committees by clerical functions, carry out the works of the select board and also including the correspondence.
  • They perform as a source of legal research for the select board.
  • They response as a telephonic researcher as directed by the select board.
  • They generally assist to prepare memoranda.
  • They maintain resources like town directories of various committees.

Working condition:

most importantly physical effort is very much required under office condition. They have to be smart in operating tools and office equipment. The workload depends on the workload at that point of time. Evening meetings need to be attended.

Job tips:

Tips like you need to be better in the skill of “C” level.

  • you need to be confident to the work which you are given and opt to do.
  • you need to posses the qualification as required.
  • always should wear a smile on your face.
  • should be punctual and be on time on the working place as allotted.
  • should be active in doing your working, always be ready with the work what your boss is giving you, usually you need to be one step ahead.
  • never give to know your boss that you are tired.

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