The Executive Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing latest and accurate information, support and also representing the overall perception of the organization. The Executive Administrative Assistance is also responsible for representing the executive to the other management. He or she is responsible for maintaining the administrative work within the organizational boundaries. He or she should be proactive in managing different types of work according to his or her capacity. The top Executive or Senior Manager can demand anything at any time. Therefore, he or she should be very careful while dealing with top executives and senior management. Usually, the senior management doesn’t have a lot of time, so what they expect from their executive administrative assistant is to provide timely information and rapid response as well.

Job description

The Executive Administrative Assistant is responsible for various organizational administrative tasks as well as providing full assistance in regards to the information or any other task to senior executives. Usually, the executive administrative assistant is required to attend phone calls, arrange meetings, prepare presentations, managing departmental summary or reports, staff strength, and other important aspects. Therefore, it is considered as a very demanding job and required various organizational and personal skills.

Job duties

The duties of an Executive Administrative Assistant include the following:

  • Produces different types of information by formatting, transcribing, retrieving, inputting, transmitting data, copying data and converting texts into graphics.
  • Providing support to the executive by researching, writing, reading and managing different correspondences. He or she should be capable of drafting different letters and managing different types of documents, should possess analytical skills, so able to analyze different information he or she collected from different sources within or outside the organization.
  • Managing different types of Executive appointments, meetings.
  • Should be able to handle various tasks in the absence of executive like attending meeting or speaking on behalf of executive.
  • Should possess polite attitude by welcoming executive’s guests.
  • Managing clerical and non-clerical staff
  • Keeping the information confidential and avoid sharing it with others
  • Manage timely backup of confidential data on the behalf of an executive
  • Manage proper record by appropriate filling
  • Manage timely maintenance of the office equipment currently in use of the executive
  • Should possess technical and professional knowledge by attending various courses, workshops, and by reading different publications.
  • Should possess inventory management skills
  • Establishing social networks by participating and attending professional or business parties and conferences.


The executive administrative assistant should have strong qualifications. He or she should be multi-tasking and possess diversified experience in various fields like:

  • Microsoft Office Skills
  • Time management
  • Presentation skills
  • Office equipment skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Travel and communication skills
  • Supply-chain management skills
  • Reporting skills
  • Administrative writing and correspondence skills.

Work environment

The executive administrative assistant will have to work with the top-executive in the organization. Therefore, he or she will have to meet other executives as well. He or she represents the executive with the other people within the organization. In some places, the working environment can be very demanding and required interpersonal skills, so he or she has to possess interpersonal skills in order to handle such situations.


The executive administrative assistant should have good qualification. He or she must graduate in the business administration. However, a master degree will be preferred.

Tips for the Job:

  • A person who is going to be an executive administrative assistant can get the job easily if has the degree in business administration.
  • Time management capability is main quality of an executive administrative assistant.
  • You should have presentation skills in order to get the job as well as office equipment skills and organizational skills.
  • Administrative writing and correspondence skills are beneficial in order to get an executive administrative assistant job.

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