With the growing needs of installation of new technologies in the businesses, people have to face a lot of difficulties in integration of all business activities. Different information systems have different applications and are compatible with their own application domain. To integrate the whole business activities in large organizations has really become a problem for the directors and top managers of the large organizations. For this purpose, companies are now a day hiring new business consultants called enterprise resource planning consultants that are responsible for the integration of the business activities. There are many organizations that are providing the companies with the services of ERP consultancy.

Job description

Basic principle on which an ERP consultant is hired is the integration of the business applications of various kinds. Most of the companies run many different software applications for their specific purposes that are always needed to be integrated for better under understanding of the businesses. An ERP consultant has to integrate these business activities that are of different nature and have different software for them. An ERP consultant brings all these activities to similar standards and then gives rise to a new application domain in which people can enter their data and process information that is readily available to the rest of the business people.

Job Duties

ERP consultants are becoming very important for the success of the organization. They are responsible for the integration of the business activities for the smooth business operations and also for the better processing of the information. Here are mentioned major job activities of the ERP consultant.

  • They have to carefully analyze the business procedure of an organization and have to come up with appropriate software for its automation.
  • They have to integrate the different software of the company in order to in bring the uniformity in the organization’s database. This is the best advantage of an ERP consultant. It integrates the business with a common database of the firm.
  • They have to communicate with the different unit managers of the organization and have to take the information from them.
  • They are responsible for identification of the overlapping of the work and also for the nonconformities within the processes.
  • They are responsible for devising the managers with the business strategies that are helpful in achieving the business goals and objectives.


  • Organizations demand higher level of skills from the ERP consultants and always find in them a higher level of communication skills.
  • They must be able to work in teams.
  • They should possess great knowledge and experience.

Work Environment

ERP consultants are provided with the peaceful in-house office environment in which they are supposed to brainstorm for the integration of the businesses. They are provided with the full cooperation from the employees of the company in order to make them able to come up with the best ERP solution for their businesses.


  • They must have a four years bachelor’s degree in specialized information technology.

Tips for the Job

  • ERP consultants have to be energetic enough to work in teams for the betterment of businesses.
  • They must be having professional approach in their behaviors.

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