Environmental consultants have to provide training, on-site support and advice to government, farms and other businesses to help them limit and deal with pollution to decrease health hazards. They also create waste management systems for job safety. They focus on energy related problems

Job description

  • Determine the sources of pollution for real estate developers, land owners and government agencies
  • Conduct scientific investigation to understand the condition of the soil, air and water
  • Provide expert advisory and assessment services
  • Monitor hazards and offer good solutions to elevate pollution
  • Help farms in controlling soil erosion
  • Conduct environmental impact studies to help limit pollution caused by commercial structures
  • Assess the latest environmental policy

These are a part of the work objectives for these professionals. The main job is to help get rid of hazardous pollution with effective solutions.

Job duties

An environmental consultant has various responsibilities that are important for the upkeep of health among individuals. Some of the significant ones are as follows:

  • General investigating and research responsibilities
  • Analyze soil and water for pollution level and mineral compositions
  • Create data collection procedure for monitoring in the future
  • Recommend techniques to lower the environmental impact of sites
  • Draft reports on scientific findings and also forecast
  • Help devise environmental policy if working with government agencies
  • Conduct site inspection on a regular basis
  • Create conservative plans


Having some essential skills will help in the daily work schedules and make it easier for you in the long run. The skills which are helpful include:

  • Ability to complete targets in time
  • Keeping up to date about environmental issues
  • Have good communication skills
  • Able to interact and convince individuals
  • Have good presentation skills
  • Good at solving complex problems
  • Critical thinking ability

Work environment

Environment consultants have to work from offices and also do field jobs to evaluate pollutions levels. From office they have to research in laboratory settings to test soils and water for pollutions levels. To collect the samples they have to visit various places, like farms, forests and construction sites. They even inspect industries to find out if the workers are exposed to harmful materials.

The job environment for these professionals is similar in all respects, whether they work for environmental consultancy firms or run their individual business.


  • Relevant degrees in subjects like environmental and earth science, biological sciences, as well as other related subjects.
  • Honors degree in the relevant subject is the minimum qualification for entry
  • Entry to this profession is not possible with HND only
  • Work experience in this field

Tips for jobs

By adhering to the tips offered, you can boost your career further.

  • Have IT skills like spreadsheet and word processing
  • possess good presentation as well as communication skills
  • Possess driving license
  • Be professional in your approach
  • Adhere to environmental policy
  • Be skilled in business dealings

These suggestions should help you greatly in your position as an environmental consultant.

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