They have to develop and maintain relationships with educational institutions and training institutes to place educated people in them.

Job Description

  • He has to plan and coordinate educational policies for particular subjects or standards. He plans training of in job teachers.
  • He helps in developing curriculum and guidelines for educational programs.
  • He receives inputs on teaching methods from both lay men and professionals.
  • He reviews and evaluates curriculum to be used in educational institutions.
  • They are required to conduct workshops and also participate in them.
  • He has to promote the social, intellectual, and physical welfare of the student.
  • He has to study the instruction materials, teaching aids, etc. and then prepare recommendation.
  • He may have to work as a consultant in a specificarea.

Job Duties

The important duties that they need to perform as a consultantare as described below:

  • He gives advice to the school officials on achieving the state and federal procedures.
  • He conducts researches in education methods and techniques.
  • They may be required to provide their service to the government institutions or may have to work as autonomous consultants.
  • He has to lead training sessions and conduct interactive workshops.
  • He should be able to give support and advice to the parents regarding the educational problems of their wards.
  • He has to discuss with the parents the education program which will be suitable for the child.
  • He has to bring improvements in the curriculum so that they prove better for the future generation.


The skills required in this job are as discussed below:

  • Should be capable of implementing educational policies.
  • Should have good communication skills to be able to speak to parents and students alike.
  • Should have excellent written skills.
  • Must possess leadership qualities and inter personal skills.
  • Should have good decision making ability.
  • Should be able to evaluate the curriculum for the students.
  • Should be able to recommend the teaching method.
  • He should be able to ask the school authorities to follow the state programs.
  • Should be able to communicate with the school authorities for developing curriculum, as well as guidance for educational programs.
  • Should be very analytical, and capable of conducting the research in any area.
  • Should be able to motivate people for implementing educational policies.

Work Environment

The working conditions are as described below:

  • They generally work in educational institutions, either government or private.
  • They have to deal with professionals from the education industry.
  • They have to work in close association with government officials
  • They have fixed working hours, and are not required to do overtime.
  • They do not have a physically strenuous job.
  • Their work areas are quite clean and well lit.
  • They have holidays on weekends and public holidays.


The essential qualifications required for this job are as described below:

  • They must possess master degree in guidance and counseling.
  • Should possess a consultant license.

Tips for Jobs

Those of you, who want to take up this job, should keep these basic tips in mind:

  • Should be able to generate policies, which will be useful for the organization.
  • Should be able to accomplish the goals of the organization.

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