Educational consultant is responsible for guiding the school official in matters pertaining to the affairs of education. He is responsible for either a big private school or a national school. He has to see that all the educational policies formulated by the state or by thenation are followed by the school. He has to carry out research regarding the techniques and method of education. It is his duty to look into the physical and emotional welfare of the student.

Job Description

The important jobs related to this profession are as described below:

  • They have to help in developing the curriculum for the school.
  • They have to serve as mentors as well as trainers to both the teachers and school officials.
  • They sometimes have to provide suggestions to families regarding the admission of their children to good schools.
  • They have to find schools for both gifted children as well as those who need some disciplining.
  • They have to gather information on different schools and the programs they are providing, throughout the country.

Job duties:

The duties of an educational consultant are as described below:

  • He has to manage and implement the school policies.
  • He has to develop such a program for the teachers, so that they can get training while in job.
  • He has to interact with the school officials regarding the expansion of the school curriculum.
  • He has to circulate the policies to both to the lay man, as well as the professionals.
  • He receives the information regarding the methods of education.
  • They are required to review and evaluate the various courses.
  • They should be able to understand and implement the various rules of the state or the board regarding the educational policies.
  • He takes active participation in meetings, conferences, and workshops.
  • He has to work towards the physical, emotional, and mental welfare the students.
  • They need to study and prepare recommendations of educational aids.


The skills that an educational consultant must possess are as described below:

  • He is required to have excellent communication skills, both in written and verbal.
  • He should be able to make good presentations.
  • He must possess strong analytical skills, so that he can analyze situations correctly.
  • He should have good customer service skills and inter personal skills.
  • He is required to give advice to the people regarding different educational matters.
  • He should be a good leader, and must possess leadership skills.
  • He should possess good organizational skills.
  • He should possess good multitasking skills.

Work environment

The working conditions of the consultant can be described as below:

  • They are required to work in association with the schools and the education boards.
  • They are required to work from school only, but they need to travel a lot.
  • They have fixed working hours, and they have to work for only 5 days a week.
  • They are not required to do any physical labor.
  • They generally have to work with students and teachers.


The essential qualifications requited for this job are as follows:

  • They should be master degree holder.
  • They must have master degree in education.
  • A degree in educational psychology will be an added advantage.
  • A degree in administration is also required by some.
  • Having experience of few years is a must.

Tips for Job:

The candidates who want to take up this profession should keep the following tips in mind:

  • They must be willing to deal with students and educational boards.
  • They should be able to persuade the school authorities as well the board officials.

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