Education Administrator is the one who is responsible for managing and organising the support systems, administration, and other activities that leads to the effective running of any educational institution. They control the working of the whole educational administrative system. They get employment opportunities in educational institutions like schools, colleges etc. The role and the responsibilities of the education administrator vary according to the department or section of the institution in which he is working.

Job Description:

The main job of the education administrator is to organise all the support system activities and work in areas like data management, admission, examinations and quality assurance. He also needs to work in departments like finance, human resources or careers. He performs essential tasks of management and performance of operations up to the mark, including important role of decision making. Thus education administrator job is likely to demand an efficient supervision on education related activities in direction to achieve the objectives. The job of the education administrator is a reputed one in the market and the earnings are also great in this profession.

Skill requirements:

Position of the education administrator in any institution demands to deal with a variety of issues and problems hence he need to have following skills:

  • Supervisory skills are the most essential demand of all.
  • Effective skills of writing, listening and verbal communication.
  • Skill to decision making and team building.
  • Management skills should include time and stress management.
    • Administrate all database and other educational aspects.
  • Good skill of organizing meetings and prepare presentations of the work proceedings.
  • Should be patient and responsible towards his job.
  • To ensure the implementation of duties the educational administrator should perform institution inspection.
  • Good knowledge of computer system so as to run multi-user websites and technically advanced systems of information.
  • Be honest, respectful and trustworthy.

Job duties:

To be a successful education administrator, the education administrator should fulfil the following duties:

  • Must assist with recruitment, alumni or public relations and other marketing activities.
  • Must contribute to policy making and planning of the resources.
  • Participate in development activities of the future education systems.
  • Provide administrative supports to the academic team.
  • Coordinate examination and its assessment processes.
  • Must supervise the staff members properly.
  • Prepare and implement beneficial rules and regulations.
  • Contribute to maintain the standards of the whole education system as well.
  • To create and maintain filing systems, maintain diaries and take staff appointments.
  • To take admissions.
  • Should be regular to his job.
  • Should correct the mistakes if any to ensure proper management.
  • Organize variety of social and educational activities.
  • Administrating the whole “student lifecycle” starting form admission till the time he leaves the institution.

Work conditions:

Education administrator job involves a common list of functions to fulfil the institution objectives. This list of functions or duties precisely includes planning, organizing duties of other working staff, directing or commanding, budgeting, controlling and also staff management. They work in their office rooms in a comfortable environment, sitting in front of the computer and managing the whole database.

Tips for job:

  • The job demands to govern all the educational activities and implement the strategic work.
  • Proper use of information systems.
  • Interpreting rules and regulations of the institution properly.

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