A Driver is any person who is hired to drive a vehicle. Vehicle maybe a passenger vehicle or a heavy vehicle such as trucks. A driver hired for a passenger vehicle is also called a Chauffeur. The driver is employed by the owner of the vehicle.

Skill Requirements

  • Knowledge of at least one local language and basic understanding of English.
  • Must be a people friendly person.
  • Should be calm and composed while driving.
  • Must be polite and humble. Should not use abusive words while driving or otherwise.
  • Should be punctual. Reach the location on time at all the time. In case of any delays due to unforeseen circumstances, the driver must notify the employer immediately.
  • Should be able to drive different types of passenger vehicles with ease.
  • Should have minimum mechanical skills and knowledge to deal with any type emergency or breakdown of the vehicle. Must know how to change a flat tire.

Job Duties

  • Report to work at the specified time every morning.
  • Take the passenger to his or her desired location.
  • Avoid over speeding and rash driving at all occasions.
  • Be patient in heavy traffic situations.
  • Always wear a seat belt and also ensure all the passengers in the vehicles have also done the same.
  • While driving, maintain lane discipline.
  • Do not break traffic rules.
  • Must carry his driving license at all the time.
  • Should not engage in unnecessary honking.
  • While leaving the vehicle at the parking spot, ensure the engine is turned off, all windows are shut and the car keys have been removed.
  • Must not park on busy roads or no parking areas.
  • Give appropriate signal before taking a turn.
  • The driver may be required to run errands for the employers. For example, collecting a parcel from a particular location.
  • Check the car on regular basis and ensure it is in up to date condition. Ensure a spare tire and a jack is always present in the car.
  • In case any maintenance or repairs are required, bring it to the notice of the employer.
  • Driver must ensure he is just a phone call away for the employer.

Work Conditions

  • Mainly will have to drive the vehicle within the city.
  • Work timings would be from morning to night.
  • Driver maybe required to make short trips outside the city once in a while.

Educational Requirements

  • Under Graduate / Graduate in any field.
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Previous experience as a Driver will be an added advantage.
  • Candidates should have some minimum technical knowledge about problems encountered with vehicles in day to day running and how to solve them.

Tips for Job

  • Greet the employer with a smile every day.
  • Be honest. Avoid using employer’s vehicle for personal use.
  • Maintain composure while driving.
  • Wear uniform or appropriate attire during service hours.
  • Do not talk on phone while driving.
  • Should not consume alcohol or any toxic substance when on duty.
  • Do not take unplanned leaves.

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