The job of the DNA analyst revolves within the forensic science. It is believed that the job of a DNA analyst is only one task, and hence there are no chances of having new task every day. If you put it in simple words, then it is that the DNA analyst collects the sample of DNA and tests it and after that produces the result. DNA analysts generally work for the state government or local agencies.

Job description

  • As the job of the DNA analysts is related to investigate the criminal cases, so they have to collect, recognize and even examine different physical evidence like hair follicles, tissues etc.
  • Their main job is to help the CID or the CIB department for solving the cases.

It is better if we can discuss about the duties of the DNA analysts in detail.

Job duties

Here are the various duties of the DNA analysts that they have to perform.

  • They need to store different criminal records and have to prepare the reports related to it.
  • They take and also keep the photographs of the evidence.
  • They perform different tests involving the physical parts like blood, tissues, hair follicles etc.
  • The laboratory equipments and apparatus are maintained by them and they only operate them.
  • It is their duty to visit the morgues, the place where the crime took place so that they can collect necessary evident,
  • They should also train the new persons in job.
  • They need to check the firearms about the license, its mechanical condition and to find the fingerprints.
  • Types of bullets used in the gun shot or the type of poison used to kill the person is also examined by them.
  • They even compare the different types of tool used in the crime.


There are certain basic skills that are very important to be a successful DNA analyst.

  • They have to be very logical so that they can very easily and effectively solve the case and can do the tests.
  • Communicative skill is very important as they have to communicate constantly with the CID regarding the case.
  • Writing skill is must as they only have to prepare the report.
  • They should be socially perceptive so that they can identify what one’s problem is and why a particular person is behaving oddly.

Work environment

The DNA analysts need a separate office and a laboratory where they can calmly perform all the tests and can provide with the best result. They should co-operate with all the staffs so that there is a friendly atmosphere and the job is done swiftly.


  • It is very important that the analysts should have a bachelor’s degree of the biological science, chemistry or forensic science from any recognized university or college. Diploma can also help.
  • Experience as a trainee or intern is very essential.

Tips for jobs

There are certain tips that will help one to excel in the field of this job.

  • Have a good communicative skill.
  • Be punctual and hard working.
  • Work well with all your colleagues.

This article regarding the DNA analyst will surely help one to excel in this field.

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