A Director is a person holding the key position in a specific department or a section of an organization. They handle the managerial responsibilities for the concerned areas and problems to fix them and assure for its fluent working to achieve the company’s goals. They manage the departments by planning different strategies and undertaking necessary decisions. They are appointed by the organizations for each particular department to handle its functions and meet the target the company’s success depends on the work and the efficiency within the activities carried out by the departments. The Directors maintain the customers, appoint new employees, keep the check on company’s budget and meet the difficult targets.


  • To possess the excellent communication and computer knowledge to interact with the clients and the senior supervisors.
  • To be self oriented to carry out difficult tasks.
  • Have the budgeting skills to decide company’s strategies to carry out further tasks.
  • Organize and maintain the working staff under them to ensure efficient work.
  • Requires the decision making skills.
  • To recruit new employee, supervise them and give required training and mange them to achieve department’s target.
  • Skills to work under pressure to meet necessary deadlines.
  • Manufacturing and automotive knowledge.
  • Budgeting skills for the department.
  • Management of the time according to the work.
  • Critical situations handling skills during the problem arises within the department.


  • Plan to organize and manage the employee working under him/her.
  • To understand the requirements of the clients and serve them with the necessary feedback.
  • To investigate the problems within the system and diagnose it accordingly.
  • Supervise junior engineers and staff working within the department or the organization.
  • To check if the deadlines are met as per required
  • To protect the company’s reputation by maintaining its principles and giving required feedback to the clients.
  • Keep all the business records filed for future requirement.
  • Plan, monitor and maintain discipline within the department.
  • Enforce new policies and procedures to be carried out.


  • May Exceed working hours to meet the deadlines
  • To keep updating the work record and files for company’s records.
  • Handle situations during work pressure.
  • Handle the staff to get the targeted work done efficiently.
  • Hire employee by taking the interview to check eligibility.


  • A master’s degree in any filed or an MBA.
  • Work experience for 3-6 months with any business organization or undertake training for the same duration.
  • If a basic graduate in working for company, he may get promote to the Director’s post depending on the business knowledge.
  • Business knowledge to perform with excellence as a manger.


  • To be very focused towards the company’s business to meet the targeted work.
  • Manage the appearance and your personality well enough to show the proficiency in the business.
  • Be friendly and professional at the same time to efficiently handle the staff.

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