He works as a part of a team which is a part of a nonprofit organization. He looks into the administrative part of the organization and works as an assistant.

Job Description

The important works related to this job are as described below:

  • He has to maintain all the records regarding the donations received by the organization.
  • He has to maintain a special database, where he records all the information regarding the people who made donations, and the amount of money given.
  • He has to send mails to all the benefactors from time to time.
  • He has to maintain a record of grants to be received, and by which date.
  • He has to search for prospective benefactors and make a report on them.
  • He has to help in the documentation process of annual reports, newsletter, and also the grants.
  • He has to assist, as well as, device new methods of getting grants by arranging some events and also by sending mails.
  • He has to maintain the news articles and blogs of the organization’s website.

Job Duties

The important duties related to this job are as described below:

  • He has to accept all the donations, and keep a record of the same.
  • He has to respond to all the benefactors.
  • He has to maintain in the database a proper record of whether the donations were made by cash or cheque payments, or it was in kind.
  • He has to send an acknowledgement letter to all the people who have made the donations.
  • He has to keep an accurate and up to date, data base of the prospective and current benefactors.
  • If the organization receives any gifts, then it is his duty to submit it to the proper department.


The important skills required for this job are as described below:

  • He must possess good administrative skills.
  • They should always be prepared to give an accurate and up to date data of the donors.
  • He should be able to handle calls and transfer calls to higher authorities as per his discretion.
  • He has to attend meetings, and events to raise money for the organization.
  • He should know how to send mass mails.
  • He should possess good written communication skills, as he has to send mails, and write newsletters.
  • He should possess a positive attitude, and should be able to multitask.

Work environment

The working conditions of this job are as described below:

  • They have to work 40 hours a week.
  • They have their weekends off.
  • Working some extra hours may be required.
  • They are required to travel for work, for raising funds.
  • They actively participate in the fund raising events.
  • They do not have to do night shifts.


The important qualifications required for this job are as described below:

  • They should have a bachelor degree in English, marketing, communications, etc.
  • Having a master’s degree in any of the above field will be an added advantage.
  • Having a certificate in software which helps in donor management is required.
  • Having a few years of experience will be an added advantage.

Tips for Jobs

Some important points to be remembered by the candidates are as follows:

  • They should be able to persuade people and influence their thinking.
  • Should have very good communication skills.

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