There are many different types of developers. Two of them are web developer and applications developer.

Job profiles of both of them are different; however, they do have some overlapping similarities.

Skill Requirements

A developer, whether of applications or web, should be highly self-motivated and should be persuasive enough to encourage his team mates too.

He should be excellent in time management skills, expertly managing not just his own hectic schedule, but even the schedule of others.

He should be very well-organized to deal with the pressures of his job and should be able to prioritize his tasks and act accordingly.

Job Duties

Job duties may differ between organizations but the role usually involves writing specifications. It further includes designing, building, testing, implementing and maintaining applications using programming languages.

Applications Developers render software requirements into programming code and develop programs. They must have knowledge of one programming language at least. They often specialize in one field.

He works with other designers to produce these programming codes. He must test the program before going live, and once the system is working and running, he should take care to maintain it. He also prepares user manuals.

A Web Developer works with managers and a team to develop specification documents. He also needs to ensure that the project is completed on time.

He needs to estimate the costing of the project, not just in terms of monetary aspects but also the expertise required, the time taken and the number of people required to accomplish the task.

He should further educate his team members regarding the latest innovations in technology and how best could it be assimilated into the existing activities. He should also help maintain the current active sites.

Working Conditions

Developers generally work for 40 hours a week in an office environment. It may result in overtime when deadlines are concerned. However, some may need to travel in order to meet clients.

Both Applications and Web developers need to spend the bulk of their time in front of the computer, which means they need to take care of their health, especially eye health. They may also be susceptible to backaches and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Educational Requirements

Again, the qualifications required to become a developer would vary depending on the kind of industry.

A BS in Computer Science or a related field is essential for an Application Developer whereas a Web Developer would need a minimum of 2 years of web programming experience.

Tips for the job

A Developer should have the attitude of thinking out-of-the-box. This would ensure maximum service to the satisfied clients.

He should have excellent communication skills to be able to elucidate on his ideas to team members or the senior management.

He should have very good time management and organizational skills, since he may often be pressured to work against strict deadlines.

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