In today’s business world, design engineers play an important role. They are the persons who are responsible for developing ideas and designs for new products and new production systems. One can find design engineers in almost all types of industries. Design engineer’s job is a highly paid one and is suitable for those who like to face challenges.

Job description:

Their main job is to assist in developing new products and systems for production. They also help in developing the existing products and production methods by introducing innovative ideas and improving the existing designs and methods.

Job duties:

  • Design engineers main work is to develop ideas for innovation and improvisation.
  • They have to draft plans, sketches, and designs and produce them for approval to the project managers.
  • They have to do a lot of research in order to get new ideas and also to check if these ideas will work out properly.
  • A design engineer also has to see if their design is cost effective and safe to use.
  • Testing the approved designs is also one of their duties.
  • They are also required to make modifications if necessary.
  • Design engineers have to produce periodic reports on the progress of their work.
  • Coordination with other departments like research and development department, production department and marketing department also falls under the responsibility of a design engineer.


  • Creative skills are one of the main skills a design engineer needs to possess in order to come up with new and innovative ideas.
  • Excellent communication skills are also necessary to coordinate with the clients, other members of the project and various departments of the organization.
  • Design engineers must also possess problem solving skills especially to solve the technical problems.
  • Computer skills, time management and other project management skills are also a prerequisite.
  • Ability to work with a team is also required for a design engineer as he works with a team.
  • Great commitment and interest is also a must for design engineers.

Work environment:

Design engineers work in an office environment as most of his work is computer based. They have a separate office in the design department. They usually work in office hours and sometimes some companies require them to work on shift. According to the project, they may also have to work overtime. Some of them may need to visit the clients.


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering is required in order to be a design engineer.
  • Master’s degree or above is preferred.
  • Most of them prefer a design engineer to hold a degree in engineering design, product design or any relating field.
  • Additional certifications in a specific field are an advantage.
  • Knowledge of CAD software is required for this job.
  • Having good experience is also needed for this position.

Tips for the job:

  • Design engineers must be patient enough to create design without rushing on it. They have to create efficient working designs which are usually time consuming.
  • It is important to keep on updating all the information available in this designing field to do your job perfectly.

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