The dental assistants have to keep records and help the dentists in solving the problems of the patients. They take care of a wide range of different activities that includes handling appointments and carrying the different equipments and so on.

Job description

The dental assistant is a key man for dentist. He is responsible for handling the appointments and may even assist the dentist inside the chamber by handling the different equipments and filling the records and other details.

Job duties

The duties that a dental assistant must carry out include the following.

  • Prepare the patient for taking the treatment and providing him with sterilized clothes and napkins, if required.
  • Sterilize the different equipments and clean them thoroughly before use.
  • Check the instrument trays and ensure that it contains all the equipments which would be necessary.
  • Record the medical history of patients and consolidate the report for the dentist.
  • Handle appointments for the dentist by providing the right time slots to different patients.
  • Help the dentist during emergency surgeries or other problems.
  • Check the insurance forms and verify the details.
  • Compile medical bills and accept payments and make the right entries in the accounting books or delegate work to the other staff.


A dental assistant must have the following skills.

  • Should have knowledge about the field of dental medication.
  • Should have organization skills as he would have to take appointments and allot the time.
  • Should be able to multi task as he has to perform a lot of duties simultaneously.
  • Should know how to forge a good working relationship with the dentist.
  • Should be aware of the right ways of making medical bills.
  • Should know about medical insurance polices.

Work environment

The dental assistant would work with the dentist and would thus share the same chamber. They would always have a clean and hygienic environment but their work includes examining and inspecting the dental cavity and teeth structure of patients. So, the work requires frequent cleaning. Along with it, one has to perform a plethora of different tasks as well. Thus, the work hours would be strenuous and work may continue for long hours during emergency operations.


The following qualifications should come in handy for people who want to work as a dental assistant.

  • Some knowledge about the different dental operations.
  • Although, it is not mandatory to have a degree in medical, diploma courses in dental education can come in handy.
  • Some prior experience in the field is recommended.

Generally, some type of training is provided to such assistants to ensure that they can carry out the work duties in the best manner.

Tips for the job

The following tips should be implemented for the sake of bettering the performance chart.

  • Should make notes of the different appointments.
  • Should handle all medical bills efficiently.
  • Should be willing to assist the dentist in whichever way it is possible.
  • Should be punctual and must respect timeliness.

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