A delivery driver is responsible to deliver products to a customer on a daily or a weekly basis. They are hired by manufacturing companies or retail shops to deliver goods to prescribed places within a given period of time. Their main function is to deliver goods and collect the money from the customer if required.

Job Description

A delivery driver plays a very important role as it provides a human link between the final customer of a product and its retailer or manufacturer. His job is to deliver goods or products to a particular place within a given period of time. This delivery might have to be formed on a daily basis or on a weekly basis depending upon the length of the journey. The delivery drivers either have to deliver goods and products within a particular city on a daily basis or they have to deliver goods over long distances (inter state or cities) on a weekly basis depending upon the job requirements.

Job Duties

The job duties of a delivery driver are many and varied

  • Driving to and fro between the pick up place and the destination delivering goods/products and collecting the payment
  • It is their duty to accept to add on deliveries.
  • They might have to work as a sales man too and get further orders and business from the customer to whom he delivers the good.
  • It is his duty to ensure the cleanliness and the maintenance of the delivery vehicle and must ensure the safe delivery of the product without ay delay or damage.
  • It is his duty to settle accounts with the customers and maintain good relationships with them.


A good delivery driver must possess the following skills

  • He must be a good and a safe driver.
  • He must know the routes and the roads of the city or country so that he can detour in case of an emergency.
  • He must have a good personality and good communicative skills.
  • He must be good with accounting.
  • He must be a hard worker and should be able to multitask if required.

Work Environment

The work environment of a delivery driver varies from one organization to another. While some delivery drivers work in a highly driven and pressurized situation, others do not. They have to work within a time frame and must deliver the goods within the time limit. They have to be punctual. Hence there is a lot of pressure on them. They are also expected to maintain good relationships with the customers and get further orders. This makes the post of a delivery driver a very important one. They work under pressure almost all the time.


A delivery driver must posses a driving license for the vehicle he or she uses. He must also posses all the required paperwork such as gate passes and state passes. They should have a good knowledge of computers and should be able to use technology. But the most important qualification is that he or she must be a really good driver and must be reliable. Apart from that no formal education is as such required. But the companies mostly look for a bare minimum of a high school certificate before employing anyone.

Tips for the job

  • One must possess a lot of energy and patience
  • One must build good relationships with the end customers and try to secure further deals with them
  • One must be a fast learner and should be able to adapt quickly
  • One must be prepared to work hard and go that extra mile.

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