A database is a collection of data or records arranged to facilitate search in such a way that it could be recovered within seconds. It also allows users to modify information automatically.

A Database Developer designs and maintains software applications related to a database’s functionality.

Skill Requirements

A Database Developer should have expertise on database programming skills using various database languages. Another attribute required is sound logical skill.

A Database Developer should possess excellent written and verbal skills in English. He should have exceptional management and problem solving skills.

He should be diplomatic and enthusiastic to take initiatives to start anything new. He should also possess sound judgment skills. He should have a keen eye for detailing.

He should be able to handle his time well. He should be easily able to allocate his time between various tasks and still remain ahead of schedule.

Job Duties

The job responsibilities of a database developer depend on his post. If a person is a senior, he develops logic and if he is a junior he may need to develop the code.

Often, a Database Developer may need to make a database from scratch. The raw data which is available needs to be processed manually and then stored in the database. Every computer program needs the support of the database as a support for its proper implementation.

Along with the collection of data and its analysis, he has to also make provisions for adequate security of the information.

He needs to keep checking for errors, since one error in the code could throw information off-balance.

It is also the Database Developer’s duty to design and maintain software that complements this data.

Work Conditions

Usually, the job of a Database Developer entails work in an office environment. Although the working hours are quite regular, he is often required to work for long hours in front of a computer. He may also need to work on analysing lengthy documents. In this sense, it could become a mentally taxing job.

Educational Qualifications

Generally, a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science is adequate to grab the post of a Database Developer. However, most companies may prefer knowledge in specific databases such as Oracle, Java and so on.

Alternatively, if a person is keen on the job but does not hold a degree in Computer Science, he can take up some reputed certificate courses as well.

Tips for the Job

A Database Developer should be keen to upgrade himself regularly with the latest technologies to achieve continuous growth in his profession.Top of Form

He should be precise and have a sharp eye, since he needs to ensure his codes are error-free.

He should also be careful since his job is largely sedentary; he needs to keep taking frequent breaks so as not to develop backaches, eye problems or any other physical problems.

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