Database refers to the collection of the different records which the firm has to maintain. The database analyst has to enter the records in the database and at the same time consolidate the information and analyze the records to come to a clear conclusion about the data and thus assist in taking efficient business decisions.

Job description

The database analyst’s job is to make sure that the data is managed properly in a database. They need to check the reports and consolidate the information such that they can be used in the most efficient manner. The data records are used for taking efficient business decisions that can help in boosting the business.

Job duties

There are a lot of tasks that a database analyst has to perform. Their duties include but are not limited to the following.

  • They may have to check the user requirements and communicate about the possible complications with their project team.
  • They need to protect the database by checking the security measures that are in place.
  • They may have to install the hardware and software that are mandatory for efficient database operations.
  • They have to be involved with ERP software implementation as well.
  • They need to consolidate the reports and data collected from the database.
  • They should communicate the database reports to higher authorities for making the best business decisions that can aid in higher profits.


The best skills that a database analyst must have are as follows.

  • A database analyst must have good technical skill as they must be experienced to handle the different database troubles.
  • A database analyst should have good communication skills such that they can explain the problems (if any) to the other managers and higher authorities.
  • A database analyst should have good analysis skills such that they can consolidate the information.
  • A database analyst should have efficient team working skills.

Work Environment

Database analyst would have a desk job. They need to sit at their desk and fill the entries and check the records. They have to analyze the information and thus they have to manage the stress of staying at the same place for long hours. Their work involves working for long hours; however, they rarely have to work over time.

A database analyst should have the following qualifications.

  • They must have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in the field of engineering.
  • Engineers who have sound knowledge of computer science are recommended for the job.
  • Applicants who have a master’s degree in the field of computers are recommended for the job.
  • Any type of prior experience can be handy.

Tips for the job

The following tips can be useful for those who work as a database analyst.

  • You should stay updated about the different details in the field of database management.
  • You should try and forge a good working relationship with the team.
  • You must analyze the data thoroughly so that you can extract useful information from the details.

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