This Database Administrator is a highly skilled professional. The requirements of this position are many and it takes a broad base of knowledge and the ability to implement that knowledge to be successful in this position. The position requires the ability to identify and create effective databases and to make necessary changes in existing computer databases. The position also requires the ability to determine that all databases are running efficiently and that they serve the company’s needs. The effective Database Administrator is also able to manage security systems within the company database system. If security is an issue it is up to the Database Administrator to employ the best database security measures available to ensure the protection of sensitive company data.

Job Description

The Database Administrator has many responsibilities. The duties of the Database Administrator include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The development of criterion upon which the acquisition of software programs are made for the company. The protection of crucial data is always the goal and it is up to the Database Administrator to ensure that all software purchases follow the criterion established to serve that purpose.
  • The Database Administrator must be able to instruct data analysts and other programmers in the modification of existing database information if necessary.
  • The Database Administrator must be able to identify and correct existing problems within a database and subsequently design methods to correct those existing problems.
  • The Database Administrator must be able to develop plans to ensure the protection of valuable information. The security plans constructed by the Database Administrator must always ensure that vital company information is not available for unauthorized viewing or disclosure.
  • The Database Administrator must be able to train new users and assign the appropriate personnel to various access levels in an established database.
  • The Database Administrator must be able to oversee the installation of any new software products and ensure that the new products are working properly.


The skills required of the Database Administrator are varied and specific. The skills required of the successful Database Administrator include, but are not limited to:

  • The ability to think critically. The use of logic and reason to solve problems on the job is an essential skill of the Database Administrator.
  • The ability to coordinate time and effort.
  • The ability to get along well with others. This skill includes the ability to convince others that changes are necessary and beneficial.
  • The ability to determine problems in existing databases and find solutions to those problems is another necessary skill of the Database Administrator.
  • Effective time management is a skill that the effective Database Administrator must possess.
  • The effective Database Administrator must possess a complete knowledge of database systems and be able to instruct others in their proper implementation.


The qualifications of the Database Administrator usually include a Bachelor’s Degree in some area of computer science. The Database Administrator must have be knowledgeable about:

  • SQL
  • Database design,
  • Construction of distributed computer architectures
  • Operating Systems
  • RDBMS or Relational Data Base Management Systems
  • Many employers require some sort of certification in computer database systems as a condition of hire.

Working Environment:

The working environment for the Database Administrator is as varied as those companies that that hire them.

In this day and age, many businesses and laboratories employ a Database Administrator. The job requires many hours spent in front of a computer. The Database Administrator should have unlimited and undisturbed time to analyze the databases that they are responsible for. Depending on conditions the Database Administrator may be called upon to work hours outside of the typical 40hour work week. If there are problems with existing systems within the company the work can become stressful. As with any position where extensive time spent at the computer is a requirement, health related conditions may develop. Eyestrain, disorders of the wrist, and back/neck pain are among the health issues that the Database Administrator may face.

Tips for the Database Administrator:

As in any position, the complete grasp of your subject is essential. When possible, add training to your already existing experience. Develop a good relationship between you and your co-workers. The Database Administrator is in a position to change the computer systems that workers are familiar with, therefore a good relationship based in coworker trust of you and your abilities will take you a long way in a successful career as Database Administrator.

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