The data entry clerks are also known as the data administrators. They create the database and maintain the information of the customer or the company in it. They have to do the variations and keep updating the database with new upcoming information. The data entry individual has to be very particular and accurate regarding the work conditions. They are the required individuals in all the fields of any organizations and even in different category of the work. The data to be fed vary from organization to organization depending on the type of work in the company. It ranges from numerical data to the alphabetical data and also personal information of the clients. The data administrator has to retrieve the information for the clients when needed.


  • The data entry professionals need to be very accurate and ‘perfectionist’.
  • They should possess the typing skills and be very fast to enter data without mistakes.
  • To keep an eye on each and every minute detail because even a minor mistake would cause a major difference for the clients or the company.
  • Should posses the data entry skills and work accordingly for the faster pace in work.
  • High energy levels to work constantly for desired amount of work.
  • Decision making skills for the company.
  • A logical mind and the high level of patience.
  • Organizational and coordinating skills.
  • Planning on the work for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Time managing skills to meet deadlines.
  • Computer and technical skills.


  • To keep the records of all the work completed and list of the pending work.
  • To gain the customer confidence by managing the work according to their desire.
  • To keep the backup of all the files and information for the safety of the data.
  • The data entry clerk should sort all the type of files separately and manage to build different database for different type of work.
  • To keep all the customer’s documents records and maintain them in the database. The backups for these documents should also be taken.
  • Sort out all the information, set the priorities and sort out accordingly.
  • To serve and maintain the standards of the organization.


  • The work of the data entry clerk is repetitively same and should be accurately done every time.
  • They need to be full time over the computer and constant use of their eyes may cause eyes to strain.
  • Required to sit at one place for long hours.
  • Working hours may exceed depending on the amount of work.
  • Have to sit near busy officers and work so the environment may be quite noisy and full air-conditioned.
  • Need to give updates of the work status.


  • There is no set of particular degrees required to be a data administrator.
  • The basic knowledge in Mathematics and English.
  • Excellent typing skill is a must.
  • Knowledge and training in computer skills.


  • Be actively ready to Working overtime.
  • Keep the proficiency in work and appearance.

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