A Data Analyst handles the compilation, organization and evaluation of data from different resources. Data analysis is a vital need and is helpful in various industries. Data Analyst are absorbed in varied sectors such as healthcare, technology, information technology, banking industry, social sciences and many more.

Skill Requirements

A Data Analyst should have technical knowledge. He must have expertise regarding database design development. He should be proficient in XML and SQL. He should also have the know-how for MS Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. He should have an experience of using SAS, SPSS or other statistical packages.

He should have the ability to present complex information in an understandable manner. He should also be adept at answering queries and writing reports.

He needs to be of a cooperative nature as he needs to collaborate with others in various matters. He should also have the ability to communicate face-to-face and through telecommunications and written correspondence in the English language. He should possess the ability to work independently with minimal direction.

Job Duties

A Data Analyst performs complex data analysis in support of customer requests. He further needs to develop programs, methodologies and files for analyzing and presenting data.

The data analyst’s job frequently includes importing, cleaning, transforming, validating or modeling data and then making conclusions from his analysis.

The data analyst needs to present data in charts, graphs and tables. Further, he designs and develops relational databases for collecting data. Sometimes, he may also be required to build or design data input or data collection screens.

He is also responsible for improving data quality and for designing or presenting conclusions gained from analyzing data using statistical tools like Microsoft Excel.

An important function of a Data Analyst is to research new data sources and analytical tools. He needs to contribute to new product development and improvement in product delivery and presentation.

It is also his duty to develop awareness of issues affecting the team members and to resolve them.

Work Conditions

A Data Analyst has to sit on the desk for large hours. He needs to sit at and use a computer terminal for extended periods of time. He may need to travel occasionally as well.

Educational Requirements

A Data Analyst should have a degree in Bachelor’s in Information Management, Healthcare Information, Computing, Mathematics, Statistics, or related fields. Related work experience is also generally highly preferred.

Tips for the Job

  • A Data Analyst should have a good rapport with the other members of his team as he needs to communicate regularly and effectively with team members and supervisor.
  • He should recognize and appreciate the accomplishments and contributions of other team members.
  • He needs to have a calm and positive attitude and should be able to work under pressure.
  • Since he needs to sit in front of a computer screen for hours at a stretch, he needs to be careful about not developing backaches or carpal tunnel syndrome. He must take regular breaks for this, and also keep relaxing his eyes.

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