Customer service associate symbolizes a general title for a number of responsibilities primarily in the service industry. Customer service associates are required to face and handle the queries of customers, which is vital for the growth of business by safeguarding the interests of customers. An organization with good customer service is able to retain customers in the long run. In other words, customer service associates are supposed to interact with customers and listen to their complaints with patients there by suggesting solutions for the same.

Job Description

  • The primary job of the customer service associate is to communicate with the customer for providing solutions to their complaints.
  • The scope of the job will largely depend on the product or the services that are being offered to customers and the profile of target audience.
  • The customer service associate is supposed to respond to the customer queries through telephonic conversations or email.

The job of a customer service associate revolves around the requirements of the organizations for which the services are rendered. However, the basic job pertains to building relationship with customers.

Job Duties

  • The customer service associate receives the feed back of customers and also provides information on products and services or puts it through to the concerned department.
  • He/she is also responsible for providing samples, catalogs of products, quotations of prices according to the requirements of customers.
  • Maintains communication with all other organizations in order to ensure the completion of work within time.
  • Handles that responsibility analyzing different records from the company or factory outlet for products.
  • Should have extensive knowledge about the product line of the company, the services that are provided by the organization that is represented by him/her.
  • Ensures that the order placed by the client is shipped or transported within the stipulated time.
  • The promotional campaigns or services that are launched by the company should be conveyed to customers by the associate of customer service.
  • Contacting old customers for receiving feedback from clients or calling people and turning them into prospective customers.
  • The customer service associate is also responsible for maintaining the records of insurance thereby processing documents.
  • The customer service associate should also the documents that are to the concerned department that deals with replacements and returns in case of troubleshooting.
  • Besides this, the customer service associate is also responsible for perform all those duties that are assigned to them by supervisors.


  • The customer service associate should have expertise while handling the queries of customers and offer them with proper advice or quick solutions.
  • Since the customer service associate represents the organization, he/she should be tactful while performing the duties and have coherent idea about different departments in the organization.
  • The customer service associate should be patient while handling the customer queries.

Work Environment

The work environment will again depend on the nature of the organization, but the customer service associate has to perform under pressure as they are interacting with their clients.


The customer service has to fulfill the requirement of the organization when it comes to qualification. However, the basic skills required by this job are:

  • Fluency in English and extensive knowledge of grammar.
  • Should he a pleasant voice over telephone.
  • There are few companies that require their customer service associates to have multilingual capacities.

Tips for the job

The following tips will help you to secure the job:

  • The customer service associate should have presence of mind and patience while dealing with customers.
  • Should have in-depth knowledge about the organization for which they are working.
  • The customer service associates should have proper focus while handling or responding to clients.
  • Good behavioral skills.

These details will help people to excel in their job as a customer service associate.

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