Customer service agent is someone who is responsible for providing customers with support and service help regarding the organization. He will need to obtain, analyze and check the credibility and accuracy of the company’s details in a systematic and regular manner. He is equally responsible for maintaining a proper customer help desk where clients can place their queries and questions easily. Apart from this, there are some more things that a customer service agent needs to do such as preparing reports, handling customer complains and difficult situations in a cooperative and user friendly way.

Job Description

  • The job responsibilities of a customer service agent comprises of various aspects in accordance to the need and demand of the organization. Though the prime job of customer service representative is to handle client enquiries, there are various other related works that need to be done by a customer service representative.
  • He is also adhered to professionally handle various inbound as well as outbound calls in accordance to the policies and rules of the organization. He will also have to handle the help desk section where customers place their enquiries, complains and feedback regarding any service or product.
  • He will also have to prepare reports about the sales scenario of the organization, its drawbacks and ways of improvement.
  • He has to interact with customers in a positive and respectful manner in order to improve the sales lead successfully.

Job Duties

Various types of job duties are assigned to a customer service agent that varies and differ in accordance to the rules and policies of an organization. Some of the prominent job duties that a customer service agent need to accomplish includes the following:

  • Handle inbound and outbound customer calls in a professional style.
  • Handle customer complains and resolve the issues effectively.
  • Convince and contact with customers regarding sells.
  • Maintain communication and interaction with customers.
  • Arrange for reports and reviews of sales in regard to customer feedback, enquiry etc.
  • Maintain reliability and confidence of company’s policies and rules.
  • Provide high end quality service to both internal as well as outbound customers


To be able to successfully work as a customer service agent, one needs to have several skill sets that help achieve the responsibilities and duties allocated with success and efficiency. Some of the prominent skills that a customer service agent need to exhibit include the following:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Self motivating and achievement skills
  • Analytic and logical power
  • Customer handling skills
  • Knowledge of needful technicalities
  • Good flair in verbal and written communication

Work Environment

Customer service agents work in an environment where they have to handle customers directly. Hence they need to have a good approach that is pleasing and attractive which assists them achieve more sales. Moreover, a customer service agent should be updated with regular sales report about the company.


To become a customer service agent, one needs to have the following qualifications:

  • Graduate with good interpersonal skills.
  • Experience in handling clients and improve sales proficiently.
  • Organized and systematic approach.

Tips for job

Following the tips given below can help you achieve success in the job of customer service agent:

  • Keep your communication skills sharpened.
  • Stay in touch with clients and improve your network better.
  • Be self motivated and confident.

Get to achieve soaring heights of success as a customer service agent by following the above-stated details.

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