They manage client communications. They interact directly with existing, potential, and new customer. Their work is to provide quality service to clients. One of their most important functions is to increase the company’s revenue through promotional sales. Their job is very challenging and involves high demand situation.

Job Description

Some of the important features of this job are as follows –

  • They have to handle enquiries.
  • They answer incoming calls.
  • They offer customers products and services.
  • They have to perform administrative functions also.
  • They have to update client accounts.
  • They have to process customer correspondence.

Job Duties

Some of the important job duties are as listed below-

  • He has to handle and resolve complex customer enquiries.
  • He has to obtain information from the client over telephone.
  • They can send emails to new or prospective clients and can meet them in person also.
  • They investigate customer’s requests by following customer and company records.
  • They provide assistance to customers about new products that have been launched.
  • They can expedite orders, provide technical assistance, or provide a technical assistance to customers.
  • They have the power to take decisions regarding refunding cost, offering free service, or making any adjustments to customer’s account.


Some of the skills that a customer service advisor must possess are-

  • They act like a customer’s advocate, because they are the ones, who register their complaints, and take feedback regarding the product.
  • They share the customer feedback with the development team so that they can improve their quality standard.
  • Those working in customer service must possess patience, diplomacy, and tact.
  • Strong communication skills are vital.
  • They must possess a problem solving attitude.
  • They should be able to answer some basic queries raised by the customer.
  • They have to sign the customer for new services.

Work Environment

The work environment of a customer service representative is discussed below-

  • They have to work in high pressure situations at all times.
  • They have sales target to achieve by the end of a specific time period.
  • As call centers remain open 24 hours, the executives have to work at odd hours of the day.
  • They do not have fixed working hours, and they have to work in rotational shifts.
  • They get a weekly off of either 1 or 2 days.
  • They do not get many holidays during the festivals.


The minimum qualification required for this job is as discussed below-

  • The associates should have passed minimum class XII.
  • Undergraduates can also apply for this job.
  • Knowledge of basic computer usage is a must.
  • They must possess good communication skills.
  • Knowledge of spoken and written English is a must. They have to be fluent in 2 more regional languages.
  • They must have neutral accents.
  • Technical supports should have good technical knowledge.

Tips for the Job

Some useful tips, which will help the people choosing this career,are following

  • They must possess a flair for selling. This quality is very important for this job.
  • They must possess impeccable communication skills.
  • They should possess good analytical skills.
  • Knowledge of computer is a must.
  • Should be capable of handling the high pressure job.

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