The Crime analysts are people who work as civilians though had been working in the police departments or different other law enforcement departments. The Law enforcement officers are also appointed as crime analysts when they are in the employment. They assist detectives to identify and apprehend the suspects.

Job Description

  • They help the police department in finding the patterns and the mode in which the crime is being done. They report on the trend of the criminal and the hot spots that they work from.
  • The analysts look and try to find out the long term problems and the ongoing issues at different places.
  • They provide information on demand from the record system and other useful methods.
  • They try to develop the local intelligence and then link them to their own network to be able to work efficiently.

The crime analyst finds out different information about the criminals and helps the legal authorities to bring them to law.

Job Duties

The analysts are people who are there to help the police to maintain the law and enforcements.

  • They predict and try their best to prevent crime.
  • They do multifaceted work that involves different types of task in different environment to find information regarding the criminals and the crimes.
  • They study crime and bring out the details of the way the profile suspects work.
  • Through analysis they report about the time when the crime is going to happen.
  • They hardly go to the crime scenes but analyze the data from police reports.


The crime analyst has got to have different skills through which they can do the job. The different skills are:

  • Ability to link and make calculations and connections to find information.
  • Ability to find out different important things from the report submitted by police.
  • Skill to express themselves in the reports and write the basics of the finding and information that they find.
  • Critical thinking skills and to piece together different unrelated findings.
  • Strong qualities to find out information through research.
  • Communication skills through writing and speaking.

They should not be afraid to acquire information and they must also have proper coordination skills.

Work Environment

They must have an environment where he has got all the computing machines and scanner and printer. These need to be connected to the internet so that he is able to work with all the different gadgets sitting at a single place. A projector for viewing the reports or to explain them and a roomy space near his home and the police station is also required by him.


  • They should be a graduate from a college with a degree in criminal justice and public administration.
  • They should have statistical analysis qualification and they should have proper knowledge to research for information.
  • Computer science and related field
  • Behavioral science and psychology of human being.

Tips for the Job

  • They should try for understanding the people who have criminal history
  • Keep a close contact with the legal department and keep them updated about his findings.
  • Get the modern equipment and knowledge to work efficiently with them so that the work becomes easier.

You can keep in mind the various details through this page and you will be able to get a clear idea about the things you need to know to become an analyst.

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