A court clerk is an individual who is responsible for maintaining the records and the routine documents of the court, performs the regular duties of the court or legislature or an officer who is employed by judiciary for providing assistance during the case procedures and helps the judge with the administrative functions.

Job description

  • One of the primary job descriptions of the court clerk is to ensure that the clerical and administrative functions are in proper order for smooth running of trial procedures.
  • In fact, the presence of a court clerk is vital for proper functioning of the court.
  • There are numerous documents and complicated tasks s that are supposed to be handled by a court clerk.
  • The court clerk must maintain all the court records for smooth operations of daily procedures of the court.

The above points demonstrate some of the basic job functions of the court case.

Job Duties

  • Among the various job duties of the court clerk, managing the documents or maintaining the records is a daunting task although it may sound quite simple apparently.
  • Preparing schedules of the court cases, arranging the legal documents and ensuring veracity of the court records are some of the primary responsibilities or duties that are handled by the court clerk.
  • The court clerks are also required to process the legal documents of the case or put forth the documents of the case.
  • During the trial procedures, the court clerk is responsible for maintaining and reviewing that every date or record of the file is in place. They are also supposed to note the minutes of the procedure and keep them in record.
  • The court clerk is also required for handling the payments or the court fees that are to be paid by the parties.
  • There are some additional responsibilities managed by the court clerk that are to be performed according to the duties that are assigned by the court.


  • Should have skills of deciphering the matter of the legal documents along with appropriate writing skills.
  • Maintaining and using documents in proper order.
  • Should have skills of communication as the job involves dealing with public.
  • Proper planning and organizational skills for maintaining court records.

Work Environment

The court clerk has to work in a different atmosphere during the everyday dealings of the court or the trial procedures. Moreover, the court clerk has to interact with lawyers and people from different strata of the society. The environment of work inside the courtroom changes everyday, and depends largely on the nature of the cases.


The court clerk should have the following qualifications:

  • A court clerk should be 18 years of age or above.
  • Should possess a high school diploma
  • Working knowledge of computers for maintaining records of legal procedures.
  • Additional qualities like typing, bookkeeping and proof reading will provide an edge.

Tips for the job

  • A court clerk should have familiarity with the language of the courtroom.
  • Should have good writing skills.
  • Effective communication with people.

The above points will allow and help an individual to become a court clerk.

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