Publication houses dealing with the printing and publishing of the dailies, magazines, books, and periodicals involve the operation of a copy editor. The leading nexuses on advertisement are also dependent on their service.

Job description

Any textual content meant for publication needs to maintain certain standards of accuracy. The job of a copy editor is to ensure the following:

  • Readability, accuracy, and the readiness of a textual content for the purpose of publication.
  • Enhancement and improvisation of a textual content before it can be printed or published.
  • Proofread a textual material thoroughly.
  • Ensure that the requisites of style and instruction have been followed.
  • Printing and publication of fictional, factual, academic, financial contents includes their purview of operation.
  • The increasing popularity of the net has given rise to the brood of online copy editor.

Job duties

In keeping with the aforementioned perspectivesome of the essentials of a copy editor’s duty include the following:

  • Going through a text to checkout on its logicality, structure and the relevance of information.
  • Proofread the same in order to ensure perfection. The points touched upon include the areas of spelling, word usage, grammatical and the constructional nuances.
  • Interact with a writer to clarify issues on information, presentation of facts and features, and the relevant details of formatting.
  • Conducting a detailed check on the use of illustrations & that of captions.
  • Ensure that the text published doesn’t give way to any legal hassle or issue.
  • Check out the text on counts of its originality.


It is imperative on the part of a copy editor to possess the following skills:

  • Flair for language.
  • Thorough acquaintance and grip over the guiding facets of journalism.
  • Excellence in the written mode of language communication.
  • Acquaintance and ability in the use and applications of the grammatical principles.
  • The ability to ensure quality as well as, quantity over the fixture of a time deadline.
  • The ability to focus on details

Work environment

There are several openings for full time as well as the freelancing jobs. The work orientation is mostly desk centric. The work environment may be marked by flexibility, but compliance with the deadline is of paramount significance. Freelancers are free to work from the precinct of their homes, as well. As a freelancer, you need to be in touch with publishers, writers, and the other nexuses of the writing world.


  • On a usual basis, the job involves little or no specified qualification bar.
  • Ability to focus and deliver with the needful accuracy is the thrust of focus, rather than the strictures of qualification
  • However, graduation/post graduation followed by a vocational degree/diploma in editing or journalism ensures and increases the chances of employment.
  • Experience and exposure to the different styles of writing is equally important.

Tips for the job

  • Try to develop your area of specialization. For instance, the relevant knowledge of Economics and specialization in the same will help build your focus in the realm of economic/financial copy editing. But feel as well as flare for the language is essential.
  • It is desirable that you equip yourself with the necessary backup of a degree. Degree in journalism, media studies and creative writing helps broaden your technical horizon.
  • Even after being employed, you can depend on the continuing scheme of education for the purpose of growth and advancement.

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