A Coordinator also known as an administrative assistant is a person whose work involves supporting the management, using a different management, communication & organizational skills. These functions can be carried out to assist one high ranked employee or may be for the benefit of multiple departments whose work needs to be coordinated. In other situations the position of coordinator deals with correspondence, attends to clients and business associates and organizes official meetings and events.


The nature of a coordinators job will depend on the company or department he is positioned in. Some position descriptions seek referral management functions while some positions are mostly clerical with the focus being on information transfer and insurance authorization.


  • Excellent skills in communication for exchanging and conveying information.
  • A cool temperament to deal with stressful situations and work pressure.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Ability to schedule tasks according to priority and then finishing them properly.
  • Power to influence people.
  • Having a knack of keeping himself updated on news and information.
  • Maintaining deadline.


A coordinator can have diverse duties depending on the industry he is working in.

1. Development and maintenance of a project schedule which includes administrative tasks and all sites involved.

2. Participation and contribution in Team Meetings.

3. Organize meetings, manage travel arrangements and expense reports.

4. Maintain a calendar of Project Managers.

5. Keeping track of what is happening all over the company and any site that the company has. When necessary provide vital information to the concerned executive.

6. Maintain coordination between different departments of the company such as- Marketing, finance, Operations.

7. Manage meeting agendas, presentations and reports.

8. Helping others in their work in possible ways.

9. Making sure everyone is adhering to deadlines.

10. Submit all project documents (hard and soft copies) at its appropriate place.

11. Keeping track any changes in projects and produces updated action with support from engineering and project management.

14. Compilation of summary documents, e.g. Product Development Plan, summary of management and profile of the Target Product. Collect and include contributions from different work teams.

15. Responsible to take input from the business analysts and project engineers to create and then follow a detailed work schedule.


A broad general education and dedication towards learning. Good intelligence and perseverance; a strong professional values; high work ethics; self confidence. Good Technical knowledge in the fields like computer science, business management and administration and the broad range of technologies used in different work environments.

•    Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science/Services, Education, Public Administration, or any related field. Master’s Degree in a related field will be preferred.

•    Experience of working in Services, Education, Public Administration etc. with a strong base in statistics, analysis, and qualitative/quantitative evaluation.

•    Knowledge of methods for collection and measurement of personal data.

•    Knowledge of information gathering techniques

•    Experience of project planning and management procedures.

Work Conditions

A coordinator has to constantly visit different departments and worksites. During big projects their workload increases.


Mainly for energetic and hardworking people.

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